It’s All About the…Rings!

He liked it… So he put a ring on it! Let’s face it, no matter your style, taste, attitudes – there’s nothing like a shiny little somethin’ somethin’ on your finger. What we love about current wedding trends is that there is something for every type of bride: from the traditional diamond bling to modern, flashy alternatives!

Let’s take a look through our very own jewelry museum!

Timeless and elegant. There’s something unendingly romantic about a simple band and a center stone. This clean, refreshing ring conjures up feelings of love for the ages and two hearts focused on the perfect traditions.

If you like a little more bling to your ring, you can’t go wrong with a multi-stone band. It is still classic and charming but with a flashier setting – what bride wouldn’t say “yes” to that sparkler!

All shine, no shyness! When you want to proclaim your partnership to the heavens, a big, shiny diamond will do the trick. We always love a lot of sparkles, and this large and in charge engagement ring is no exception.

You always love vintage charm! A larger, more intricate band is an absolutely beautiful throwback to something a little more handcrafted, a bit more deco, and with a love story already built right in.

It’s not only diamonds that are a girl’s best friend! A great way to offset your center stone is with some darker, eye-catching gems and an intricate band. We love this ring because it is the perfect combination of traditional with a modern twist!

Stunning, circular, and silver – the classy trifecta! Don’t be afraid to branch out with your diamond shapes – a rounded gem catches the light and catches the eye with ease.

Why It’s Important to Print Your Wedding Photos at a Professional Lab

They’re finally here – the digital files that hold within them the only professionally photographed images of your wedding. You can’t wait to look through them – from the ceremony to reception, from portraits to candid shots. You are already picking favorites and falling in love.

With images as beautiful and meaningful as these, then, why sacrifice on quality now at the last minute? Your wedding was important. Your pictures are important. And so printing them out is important, too – they should be given physical life professionally.

Everything you have done for your wedding is about quality. And these pictures are here to last you a lifetime – possibly the most lasting, most shared item from your wedding – don’t ruin all the work, now! Photographs are professionally edited and professionally tuned – but not all printers are. In fact, if you print at anything other than a professional lab, the calibrations will be off, the printing will be less precise, and you have no guarantee your prints will look just as they do on the screen.

A quality wedding deserves a quality print. And, speaking as a photographer, we genuinely love and stand by the pictures we take and share, and stand by professional work. We even stood by your side throughout your entire ceremony – so we’re invested, too! We are proud of our quality and proud of the quality of your special day.

Photography is an art, and you will want someone dedicated to their craft, right? Of course, you do! Think about it in the same terms as your wedding dress: you get what you pay for. Or your catering! Did you go with a professional chef or did you ask a fast food cashier to whip something up?

We thought not. With higher quality materials, higher quality standards and higher quality attention to detail – your permanent memories should never be sacrificed for anything less.

Earrings We Love and You Will Too!

It’s really no secret that one of the most fun parts of a wedding is the shopping for the perfect accessories – and gorgeous earrings are no exception! Whatever your style, there is something perfect to adorn your matrimonial earlobes.

Drop Pearl Earrings

A perfect classic for a reason, drop pearls can match a variety of brides and weddings, magically. Traditional and feminine? Perfect. A beach extravaganza? Pearls are right at home! And Beau-Coup offers up these silky, shiny beauties at a price that will surely fit with any budget.

Providence Monogram Post Earrings

Monograms are timelessly classy – they give off an automatic air of sophistication and family. What better or cuter way to embrace and announce to the world your married persona than by rocking monogrammed earrings featuring your newly married initials on your walk down the aisle! With a variety of hue options, you can match your wedding colors with ease – or dare to stand out and draw attention to your wedding day initials!

Single Stone Earrings

A touch of color, a bit of class and a little whimsy sure to make you smile, these solo stone earrings are understated enough to jive with any wedding dress and yet have enough of a pop to reflect your personality. They are available in almost every color of the rainbow and just seeing these gorgeous gems makes us smile all over!

Tie the Knot Earrings

OK, OK, we just have to say it – how absolutely adorable! These cheeky little earrings allow you to quite literally tie the knot on your wedding day in the form of delicate little bows. They are cute without being over the top cutesy and classy enough for a wedding without sacrificing personality and whimsy. We just adore them!

Rhinestone and Pearl Earrings

Talk about timeless elegance! The shine of rhinestones perfectly complements the silky sheen of pearls, each component elevating the other. There’s something about this pairing that, while at first glance being quite fancy, actually works well with any dress. They can add a touch of glamour to a more casual affair or blend right into a princess dream.

Pulling together the ultimate bridal look is never dull and offers up a never-ending amount of choices. And finding the perfect, charming earrings to accessorize your bridal dreams – pure perfection.

Part 3: Flattering Poses for the Carrot-Shaped Body

It’s time again for one of our favorite series: flattering poses! We’re all about every bride feeling comfortable and radiant in her body, and today we’re taking a look at some of the best poses for the carrot-shaped body. If you’ve got broader shoulders and an ample bust tapering into slim hips, then these tips are for you!

Angles – Shoulders First!

Angles are your friend! Posing with a twist in your hip and the side of your shoulders to the camera helps accentuate your hips and brings a broader shoulder into proportion.

How to Stand

Want to create a fuller lower half? Posing with your legs straddled a bit apart helps fill you out – and can push out that tush!

Accentuate the Waist

One of the simplest posing tricks that will automatically make your hips look bigger and your waist slimmer is to simply put your hand on your waist and turn slightly sideways!

Lean Forward

Don’t lean back – doing so will automatically make you look broader. Instead, tilt your head and lean a little forward for the perfect shot.

Cross Your Legs

You can create a curvy illusion by posing with one leg in front of the other as if taking a step forward to pop those curves.

You are a beautiful bride, and your pictures should reflect not only your beauty but your confidence on your big day – so practice, pose and slay!

So that’s it for Part 3. More posts are yet to come so stay tuned:

We’ll update THIS POST with the other parts as we post them too.

How to Make a Big Wedding Feel More Intimate

The guest lists are finalized, the wedding invites are ordered, the seating chart is ready, and the final verdict is in: you’ve got a big wedding! Big weddings are a joy because you can share your special day with every special person and the party atmosphere really gets rocking. One common misconception, though, around larger weddings is that they lose the personalization factor and we’re here to tell you that doesn’t have to be so! In fact, there are several ways you can make your wedding day and your big party feel pretty darn intimate.

Break Up the Space

Sure, you’ve booked a large venue, but that doesn’t mean it has to feel like one giant, sprawling space. Break it all up into smaller sections using furniture, and decorations to make it feel cozier, smaller and elevate the intimate feel.

Clever Seating

When it comes to the actual ceremony, rather than having straight rows of seating that stretch on forever, inevitably having the way back rows feel disconnected and far off. Consider arranging your seats in a round or a semi-circular plan so that you can fit more people in around the altar and to create longer rows rather than a sprawling stadium feel.

Plan Activities

With a large wedding party, it is unlikely you’ll be able to see every single guest face to face on your wedding day so making sure to make the rounds at a rehearsal dinner, at a wedding weekend brunch or a welcome party will give you a chance to greet everyone and make them feel included.

Food? Make It Buffet Style!

Choosing family-style meals over individual orders automatically encourages people to get up and mingle and not feel confined to their table in a sea of other island tables. Your guests will feel more at ease getting to choose their food, and a buffet station can get the conversations flowing.


There’s nothing like thoughtful favors to make your guests feel included and remembered. Personalized goodies (shot glasses, candies, candles – the options are endless) are a great way to make sure guests feel tied to your special day – no matter how many there are.

Our Favorite Dallas Wedding Venues: The Laurel

The perfect Texas wedding has a heart as big as the Texas sky – and needs an absolutely gorgeous venue to match. That’s why we adore The Laurel, located just north of Dallas and permanently in our hearts and dreams.

It exudes warmth and romance – and that is no accident: the entire Laurel team has a curated, professional service industry background and a real passion for creating extraordinary memories. Take for instance their Great Hall – a name that in and of itself stirs up thoughts of castles and royalty regalia bit delivers that same vibe with a warm, Hill Country resort twist.

The Chapel onsite is the epitome of classic heart and soul for any romantically inclined bride. With seating that can accommodate wedding parties both large and small and a fairy tale view overlooking fields of evergreens, you may have to pinch yourself when getting married here to make sure it is not a dream.

If you’re more inclined to an outdoor ceremony, their 10,000 square feet of rolling green space looks like it was picked straight out of a painting and dropped here for your special day. From crisp sunrise to a romantic sunset, true love can’t help but blossom under the Texas stars and among The Laurel’s evergreens.

And when it comes to accommodating both wedding party and guests, The Laurel’s true downhome hospitality really shines thanks to two onsite suites: one for the bride and her party to prepare and one where guests can relax, watch TV and beat the heat.

When it comes to romance, nothing about your wedding should feel stifled or inauthentic – and The Laurel is the perfect place for your wedding memories to flourish.

It’s All About the…Flowers!

Brides and blooms and bouquets – it’s a natural match. Who doesn’t love some fancy wedding flowers? Today we’re taking a gander at some of our favorite flora!

Red roses are a classic stunner for a reason!

Bold splashes of color make for a tropical dream!

Perfect pastels. Flowers can add continuity to a masterful monochromatic theme.

Don’t forget – flowers are for more than just the bridal bouquet! They belong throughout a wedding party for a gorgeous reason.

A touch of succulents creates a truly hip and on-trend mini garden.

Plenty of pinks make for wonderfully romantic centerpieces!

Or forgo the traditional bouquet for a statement flower that really pops!

Flowers, flowers everywhere. Keep the theme going with floral crowns throughout the bridal party!

Bright and happy bouquets can’t help but make every last guest smile!

Don’t forget that flowers can be more than a prop – they can be your whole, beautiful setting!

Every wedding is a garden of love – don’t forget to focus on and appreciate the flowers that highlight that feeling!

Top Things to Consider for a Winter Wedding

There’s something undeniably gorgeous and romantic about an icy cool backdrop for red-hot love. But before your winter wedding approaches, there are a few things you should keep in mind as you plan for your frozen fantasy:

You’ll want to prep for a worst-case scenario. Winter months bring, well, surprise ice and snow storms and can upend even the most well-thought-out plans. Be it travel delays, road closures, vendor issues or whiteouts; you’ll want a backup plan for things such as a DJ or a caterer or even a venue.

Fully embrace your chosen season! You picked a winter month for a reason, so work that into your wedding! Glistening ice and snowflake details can truly make you a frozen princess.

Don’t be surprised by some “no’s” – not everyone is a fan of cold weather travel or may already have exhausted their vacation and finances with the holidays.

You’ll probably save some money! Since it’s technically an off-season for weddings, vendors and venues will most likely charge you a lower rate.

At the other end of that spectrum, expect some limitations. Many flowers will not be in season, and your menus will most likely be geared towards heartier fare.

Make sure your bridal party is kept warm – be it well-heated venues or enough coverage in their wardrobe, you may want to skip the strapless wedding dresses.

While not as conventional a choice of seasons, a winter wedding is nothing short of splendid and magical. With some smart planning, your snowy day will be smooth skating.

Pros and Cons – Outdoor Vs Indoor Wedding Ceremony

The great outdoors or an indoor dream? There’s no wrong setting for your wedding, but the decision to have a ceremony outside or inside can be a tough choice! As with anything, there are pros and cons to each, so take a look and see which points matter most to you.

Outdoor Pros

The setting is, of course, gorgeous! Open skies? Check. Lush flora? Check. Maybe some water features? Check.

The atmosphere naturally encourages happy, relaxed and at ease guests.

The natural lighting will do wonders for your wedding photos!

Outdoor Cons

You’re at the mercy of the weather. You can do all the research you want into what you hope will be the perfect day, but Mother Nature can always throw you a rainstorm or a heat wave or a mess of wind.

Bugs. Enough said.

Tough competition for prime venues and prime dates. Since the number of dates that are amenable to great weather is limited, the best outdoor venues will be booked early on.

Indoor Pros

Right off the bat, no weather worries. It can rain, it can pour – you don’t have to care!

The design possibilities are almost endless. You have more ability to select your theme and decorate to your heart’s content.

Access to electricity. Outlets galore! If you want fairy lights, fans, AC, a playlist playing – you got it!

Indoor Cons

You are limited by size. Keep in mind the square footage of your wedding venue – you won’t be able to exceed a set maximum number of guests.

Your photography angles and lighting may be more limited than in a wide-open space.

Depending on party size and venue, guests – and yourself – may feel cramped or shoved together.

When it comes down to it, there’s no one right or wrong choice, and both indoor and outdoor settings can offer up some amazing, memorable wedding days.


Part 2: Flattering Poses for the Peanut-Shaped Body

Every bride is gorgeous, and every bride deserves to feel as beautiful as she truly is on her big day. Continuing our series on flattering poses, we’re looking at poses for peanut-shaped princesses (Aka the “hourglass” shape). This body type means you are already blessed with some amazing curves, so these poses should help you play up those proportions!

Play to Your Strengths

One of the best things about the peanut proportion is that you have a naturally defined waist! Use that to your advantage by posing with your arms bent and your hand at your waist or the topmost part of your hip.


Further playing on your natural build, you can accentuate your narrower waist by elongating the hourglass illusion even further but keeping your arms up and your shoulders out.

Sit Straight

You can’t be expected to be on your feet all day! And when you sit down, you actually can further accentuate a peanut shape by keeping your back straight and bot bunching your arms and shoulders inward.

Face the Camera Head-On

You’ve got great curves so let the camera see them! Turning to the side or angling yourself can obscure your natural shape, but shots taken squarely in front will showcase your amazing proportions.

Don’t Hide Your Assets

Be conscious of your bouquet and other photo props. Keep them smaller in size or consciously hold them a bit low so they are not obscuring your midsection and camouflaging your curves.

We know you will be a beautiful bride! Use these tips to help make sure your photos are exactly how you want to remember yourself on your big day.

So that’s it for Part 2. More posts are yet to come so stay tuned:

We’ll update THIS POST with the other parts as we post them too.