Top Things to Consider for a Winter Wedding

There’s something undeniably gorgeous and romantic about an icy cool backdrop for red-hot love. But before your winter wedding approaches, there are a few things you should keep in mind as you plan for your frozen fantasy:

You’ll want to prep for a worst-case scenario. Winter months bring, well, surprise ice and snow storms and can upend even the most well-thought-out plans. Be it travel delays, road closures, vendor issues or whiteouts; you’ll want a backup plan for things such as a DJ or a caterer or even a venue.

Fully embrace your chosen season! You picked a winter month for a reason, so work that into your wedding! Glistening ice and snowflake details can truly make you a frozen princess.

Don’t be surprised by some “no’s” – not everyone is a fan of cold weather travel or may already have exhausted their vacation and finances with the holidays.

You’ll probably save some money! Since it’s technically an off-season for weddings, vendors and venues will most likely charge you a lower rate.

At the other end of that spectrum, expect some limitations. Many flowers will not be in season, and your menus will most likely be geared towards heartier fare.

Make sure your bridal party is kept warm – be it well-heated venues or enough coverage in their wardrobe, you may want to skip the strapless wedding dresses.

While not as conventional a choice of seasons, a winter wedding is nothing short of splendid and magical. With some smart planning, your snowy day will be smooth skating.

Pros and Cons – Outdoor Vs Indoor Wedding Ceremony

The great outdoors or an indoor dream? There’s no wrong setting for your wedding, but the decision to have a ceremony outside or inside can be a tough choice! As with anything, there are pros and cons to each, so take a look and see which points matter most to you.

Outdoor Pros

The setting is, of course, gorgeous! Open skies? Check. Lush flora? Check. Maybe some water features? Check.

The atmosphere naturally encourages happy, relaxed and at ease guests.

The natural lighting will do wonders for your wedding photos!

Outdoor Cons

You’re at the mercy of the weather. You can do all the research you want into what you hope will be the perfect day, but Mother Nature can always throw you a rainstorm or a heat wave or a mess of wind.

Bugs. Enough said.

Tough competition for prime venues and prime dates. Since the number of dates that are amenable to great weather is limited, the best outdoor venues will be booked early on.

Indoor Pros

Right off the bat, no weather worries. It can rain, it can pour – you don’t have to care!

The design possibilities are almost endless. You have more ability to select your theme and decorate to your heart’s content.

Access to electricity. Outlets galore! If you want fairy lights, fans, AC, a playlist playing – you got it!

Indoor Cons

You are limited by size. Keep in mind the square footage of your wedding venue – you won’t be able to exceed a set maximum number of guests.

Your photography angles and lighting may be more limited than in a wide-open space.

Depending on party size and venue, guests – and yourself – may feel cramped or shoved together.

When it comes down to it, there’s no one right or wrong choice, and both indoor and outdoor settings can offer up some amazing, memorable wedding days.


Part 2: Flattering Poses for the Peanut-Shaped Body

Every bride is gorgeous, and every bride deserves to feel as beautiful as she truly is on her big day. Continuing our series on flattering poses, we’re looking at poses for peanut-shaped princesses (Aka the “hourglass” shape). This body type means you are already blessed with some amazing curves, so these poses should help you play up those proportions!

Play to Your Strengths

One of the best things about the peanut proportion is that you have a naturally defined waist! Use that to your advantage by posing with your arms bent and your hand at your waist or the topmost part of your hip.


Further playing on your natural build, you can accentuate your narrower waist by elongating the hourglass illusion even further but keeping your arms up and your shoulders out.

Sit Straight

You can’t be expected to be on your feet all day! And when you sit down, you actually can further accentuate a peanut shape by keeping your back straight and bot bunching your arms and shoulders inward.

Face the Camera Head-On

You’ve got great curves so let the camera see them! Turning to the side or angling yourself can obscure your natural shape, but shots taken squarely in front will showcase your amazing proportions.

Don’t Hide Your Assets

Be conscious of your bouquet and other photo props. Keep them smaller in size or consciously hold them a bit low so they are not obscuring your midsection and camouflaging your curves.

We know you will be a beautiful bride! Use these tips to help make sure your photos are exactly how you want to remember yourself on your big day.

So that’s it for Part 2. More posts are yet to come so stay tuned:

We’ll update THIS POST with the other parts as we post them too.

Our Favorite Dallas Wedding Venues – Winding Brooks

Texas is undoubtedly blessed when it comes to charm, gorgeous scenery and a plethora of options in outdoor venues for every taste. When it comes down to the details, however, there is one site that will always get out vote: Winding Brooks in Ellis County, just south of Dallas.

As the name suggests, this babbling beauty boasts eight separate water features, enormous ponds, gorgeous wildflowers and a tropical park-like setting of trees, plants and more. As you wander the fertile grounds, you’ll find everything a bride could want: gazebos galore, awesome arbors and a 5,000 square-foot banquet hall to host all your guests and let you beat the heat and the elements in style.

Our Favorite Dallas Wedding Venues – Winding Brooks

Winding Brooks is perfect for weddings, as well, as they focus on only one event each day so that it is truly your day. They offer a wide variety of natural beauties for your event and your memorable photos: gardens, shady trees, waterfalls and even a large fountain! They even offer the ability to take bridal or engagement photos in their garden prior to your big day for no charge.

If you’re a bride with a heart as big as the Texas outdoors, with a penchant for an outdoor extravaganza and with a desire for a truly memorable day, you can’t go wrong with Winding Brooks.

Our Favorite Dallas Wedding Venues – Winding Brooks

Finding Your Anchor in Wedding Planning (What You Want vs Others’ Expectations)

It’s no secret that wedding planning can be crazy stressful. You have in your mind one perfect day but, when it comes time to get down to it, you are forced to balance your dream with your partner’s dream with each of your families’ expectations with a realistic budget with the potential judgment of friends… The list goes on and on and, even though most of the stress is caused by being in our own heads, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t there.

Finding Your Anchor in Wedding Planning (What You Want vs Others’ Expectations)

The easiest fix? Find your own anchor in the wedding planning storm and remember this is your day. It doesn’t matter if your sister had 1,000 guests and you only want a handful. If your mom has a Russian ballet theme already picked out in her mind, or if you’re the fifth of five best friends to get married and so you think they’re expecting something grand. The only thing that matters: What do you want and what can you do?

Find something essential to focus on. Is it a theme, a color, some small detail you’ve always imagined? Whatever it is, hold tight to it and let that be your guide. If you want a thousand yellow daisies, plan around that, and when your aunt mentions she thinks roses would be more appropriate, hold even tighter.

If you can afford it, a great way to avoid even getting dragged into the mires of other’s expectations is to hire a wedding planner. They will hold your budget, your ideas, your thoughts, your everything and will be virtually immune to the wants of others. Once the idea stage is out of your hands and set in motion, it is much easier to avoid the dissenting voices, simply because it is blissfully out of your control.

Find something essential to focus on

If you can’t afford a wedding planner, let that mantra still hold true! Collect your ideas and wants and start the ball rolling right away. The further along invested in actuality you are, the less you’ll be even physically able to make changes and you will be innately protected from diverting your route.

Everyone else is white noise and your big, central idea is your anchor. Let the rest of the planning branch from that and – aside from those restraints you can’t fight against (budgeting, time constraints, etc.) – allow the only voice of criticism to be your own or your partner’s.

Everyone else is white noise and your big, central idea is your anchor.

What to Look for in Your Photographer Besides Their Portfolio

Picking a wedding photographer can seem overwhelming – trust us, we know! We want to take the stress out of that choice for you and list out some of the key things you should look into, beyond the portfolio.


Just what does that mean? Basically, the flat truth is that sometimes things can happen and photographers can have emergencies come up that leave them unable to photograph your special day. While that is not the typical way things will go, it’s always a possibility, and so, rather than just be out a photographer, you want someone there!

That’s where signing with a studio rather than an individual really protects you. You will still be able to request to work with your favorite wedding photographer, and they will be assigned to your wedding, but, in the event of unforeseen circumstances, the studio will make sure there is an alternate photographer on your day who is equally talented, has the right equipment, knows the specifics of your day, and who is backed up by the studio.

At the end of the day, if the worst does happen, you’ll want a studio with a fleet of talent to have you back, rather than a wing and a prayer.

Bride and Groom

Reputation & Relationships

The wedding industry is a true powerhouse, and, in working within that machine for some time, a wedding photographer will garner both a reputation and relationships. Check out online ratings and reviews to see how your chose studio clicks with other couples, and, just as importantly, how they seem to have relationships with other vendors. Knowing other people in the business, whether it be venue owners (for the insider tips on setting up and having things run smoothly) or local bakers, having vendors who are aware of each other and have good relationships goes a long way.

Wedding party

Backups Cont. – Equipment

Technology certainly makes our lives easier, but who hasn’t, at some point, run into an inexplicable computer crash or a brand-new phone that suddenly freezes? Now imagine that happening to your photographer’s best camera on the day of your wedding.

Terrifying, right? If you go with a studio, you can rest assured that if equipment ever fails, there are replacements at the ready. No matter what could go wrong, there is always a studio and a fleet at the ready to save the day.

bride and groom closeup

You should first connect with a portfolio, fall in love with an aesthetic, and click with a style. But, before you sign, make sure you consider all the less obvious things that could make or break your big day.

How to Honor Loved Ones Who Have Passed in Your Wedding Photos

How to Honor Loved Ones Who Have Passed in Your Wedding Photos

The ones we love never really leave us. And, though it can feel maybe a little incomplete when someone beloved is not there physically on your big day, you know they are still with you spiritually. And what better way to keep them a part of your happiness than to honor them in your wedding photos?

Highlight Mementos

Choose something unique and personal that grounds a connection to you and feature it in your photos. Whether it be a locket from your grandmother, highlighted in a close-up, or a passed-down pocket watch, front, and center in a groom’s shot, a special little piece of them will always be with you in pictures.

Photos Within Photos

Have a meta moment by setting up some time for a shoot of you and your partner that also features photos of your loved one around you. You can still have shared pictures with them this way – just with a little creativity.

Save a Seat

Plan out your seating plan in advance for the ceremony and save an empty seat for your missing person. Be sure to get a few photographs highlighting that chair as if they are watching you from that spot through the pictures.

Add Their Photos to Your Bouquet

The simple act of adding a few small snaps of your loved one to your bridal bouquet is a wonderful way to have them walk down the aisle with you. When you look back at your wedding photos, you’ll see them right there with you.

Your big day should be all about memories: making new ones and honoring your treasured ones.

It’s All About the…Cake!

Mmm mmm! Every sweetest day is topped off by the sweetest thing: Your wedding cake! Through the wedding cake, both the bride’s and groom’s personalities can shine and converge. Whether you have buttercream dreams or opt for fuss-less frosting, you know for a fact the cake is where all eyes will go come reception time. It is a work of art, a centerpiece, and it sure is tasty!
cake roundup
Check out this classic and romantic centerpiece of a cake! With icing that looks like heavenly chiffon and soft, real flowers, this is an absolute dream.
cake roundup 2
You can’t resist a tasteful gold accent. And those edible flowers look almost too good to eat – almost! This decadent delight tops off a classy affair.
cake roundup 3
Cakes don’t have to be so traditional. They can allow you to showcase your personality in big ways, like this jet-setting dessert for a traveling duo.
cake roundup 4
Cakes can be bold, beautiful, and true works of art. This painted-on peacock fits the colorful personality of the happy couple and is a real showstopper!
cake roundup 5
Bright pops of color mixed with artistic brushstrokes make for an unconventional beauty of a cake. This all but screams happiness and warmth.
cake roundup 6
An elegant take on a love that sparkles, this cake is a dream for combining a classy gold base with soft, romantic flowers.

There is a wealth of options anymore for choosing a wedding cake as unique as you like! Your wedding is an expression of you and your partner, through and through, so why not really have fun with expressing yourselves through pastry? With details that shine (and flavors that go the extra mile) it really is all about the cake!

Wedding Favors We Love, and You Will Too!

Wedding Favors We Love, and You Will Too
What is a wedding without a memorable send-off for your beloved guests? There is a wide world of options out there with some truly creative and out-of-the-box ideas. Whether your wedding is made in the shade or a classy affair, there is a unique and smile-inducing favor to meet – exceed! – your dreams.

Personalized Wedding Candies

Personalized Wedding Life Saver Candies
Is your wedding just the sweetest? Does your ceremony have a lovely candy-coating? These custom Life Saver candies are an adorable addition to your big day. Keep your guests feeling minty fresh and have your wedding personalized down to the smallest detail.

Personalized Mini Sunscreen

Personalized Sunscreen with Carabiner
Is your wedding a destination event or an outdoor affair? Not only are these travel-sized sunscreens absolutely adorable, but they will show your guests you’re prepared and you care. They can lather up and enjoy all the fun in the sun festivities.

Snazzy Succulents

Live Succulent Favors
Favors as alive and thriving as your love! We just can’t get over how adorable these succulents are – a living reminder of your special day that is sure to brighten up every home. The best part, too, of succulents, is that they are easy keepers, so they are a win all over!

Mini Honey Jars

Mini Honey Jars
Cute, sweet, and “meant to bee” – just like your love! Even after the day is over, your guests can keep on spreadin’ the love. Not only will your guests go home happy, but these mini honey jars make cute table toppers that will look great in your photos. If you ask us, this favor is the bees’ knees!

Gold Feather Frames

Gold Feather Frame
Golden memories for years to come! Give your guests the gift of gilded memories with this finely feathered frame. Your day is number one and so are your guests! The perfect way to frame your precious memories.

We know your big day is special and you want it to be magical – every last detail, that is. With these amazing and one of a kind favors, the magic is all but ensured.

Part 1: Flattering Poses for the Apple-Shaped Body

We believe every bride looks like a princess on her wedding day, and what princess doesn’t want to look her very best in her photographs? Every princess, too, can benefit from some helpful hints on flattering poses! We started with a general introduction to this topic but this will be an ongoing series focus on every body type. Today, we’re going to start showing off all the assets of the apple-shaped body and making sure you’re posing your best. Here are five poses for apple-shaped ladies.

Be Aware of Your Camera Angle

To best maximize your curves and not create an illusion of widening, make sure you’re having photos shot from above – even just a slightly heightened angle will make a world of difference versus waist level shots.

Keep Your Head About You

Just as important as posing your body, the angle at which you pose your face makes a world of difference as well. Keep your head angled slightly down and tilted at a bit of an angle to highlight angles in the most complimentary fashion.

At Arm’s Length

Your arms can be a very important asset in creating your perfect pose. Holding them at an angle, and, especially resting a hand on your hip, not only makes your arms look toned but also slims and accentuates your waistline.

Do the Leg Work

To help elongate your body and make good use of the camera’s angles, rather than standing with your feet together at attention, lean back a bit and cross one leg just slightly in front of the other to streamline the body and create your own lengthened angles.

Twist & Shout

Standing straight on allows the camera lens to pick up more of your body and start to do the whole famous ‘adding ten pounds’ thing. So, instead of posing straight on, turn your body at a 45-degree angle for a more flattering pose.

There’s no more important day than your wedding day, keep in mind these simple tips, and you are sure to look simply stunning.

So that’s it for Part 1. More posts are yet to come so stay tuned:

We’ll update THIS POST with the other parts as we post them too.