Welcome, new friends!


I’m so glad you’re here! Your being here probably means you’re engaged – and how exciting is that?!? The proposal, a new shiny ring, friends, family. You’ll make so many memories!

My own wedding was such a roller coaster of tears, laughter, and fun!

Okay, okay, I know – this is also a stressful time, too. There’s so much planning, and you want to make sure everything goes great. I totally get it. That’s why I want photography to be one thing you know you don’t have to stress about. I want you to be totally confident that you’re getting rock-star images that you’ll be able to brag about and reminisce over for years to come.

Our vision at Convey Studios is to convey the best of you, your way. We want to do more than show up on your wedding day and take pictures. We want to get to know you beforehand. What makes you tick? What makes you unique? We want to find out what makes you special and then collaborate on your vision on how best to capture those memories – this a key specialty about us that sets us apart. Your photos should be different than all the other photos you’ve seen on Facebook, Pinterest, or even on this website. You’re unique; your photos should be too!

That’s why we offer a Dallas-Fort Worth Wedding Photography service that’s as unique as you are!






We specialize in the following services:

I’m not going to give you some canned speech that this is the only photography site you’ll ever need to look at since we’re just that great. I actually encourage you to look around, get to know what’s out there. If we’re not the right fit for you, I totally understand! We obviously hope you’ll choose us, but we want you to be confident that we’re the right fit.

Please take a minute to look at our reviews to see what people are saying about us. Not to brag, but people love us (okay, maybe I’m bragging just a little, hehe!).

More About Us:

I hope you’ll also schedule an appointment to learn more about us. Convey Studios in DFW is here to help make your day magical. Just click the “Contact” link and we can start talking! I can’t wait!

Hugs and high fives!

Sesha Smith
Owner & Photographer