Boudoir Photography in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

Trust us: There is no gift your groom will appreciate more on the wedding day than an album of boudoir photos. While this is an extra-special treat for him, it’s also a present that you’ll be giving to yourself. You’ll be preserving a moment when you’re positively glowing and feeling your sexiest.

One of the biggest trends in wedding planning, boudoir photography is exactly what the name implies: It’s a set of intimate pictures of the bride, taken in lingerie or other romantic attire. But don’t worry, they are very tastefully done! We’ll make sure that you’re feeling confident, relaxed and, above all, very beautiful. You and your groom will cherish this keepsake for years to come.

Our Boudoir Conviction

Why are you not seeing examples of these types of photos here? Because they’re for the husband’s eyes only! We would never post boudoir photos on our website or for any other type of promotional use. Before the session, we will certainly go over every detail of what you can expect, and you can rest assured that the results will be stunning!

If you’d like to know more about boudoir photography in Dallas / Fort Worth, call us! Bridal boudoir pictures can provide an extra-romantic touch to your already-magical occasion.

Boudoir Photos 101

How does a person get comfortable in such an intimate setting? We’ll take care of that for you! Our goal is to make your session enjoyable, relaxing and fun. Because these are taken before the big day, it’s also a good practice session for feeling ultra-comfortable in front of the camera. We take only the most tasteful pictures, designed based on your comfort levels.

Many brides have their boudoir photos taken relatively close to the wedding date; this way, all of your hard work in looking your best can be shown off! As for a time frame for the shoot, you should expect to be there for at least two hours. Depending on how extensive you’d like the package to be, you’ll be changing into different outfits, shoes, etc., so this will take time. But it will be enjoyable, we promise!

You are probably wondering how much this will all cost; it just depends on the package you’re interested in. We’re happy to go over all of this with you so that you can choose exactly the one that fits your needs.

As for location, boudoir photography can take place at a studio, in a home or at a hotel, among other possibilities. Natural light will be key in order to capture the most stunning photos possible.

Throughout the shoot, we’ll keep you relaxed and happy, and we’ll make sure to capture the most beautiful and sultry photos of you. A bit of bubbly doesn’t hurt matters either!

If you’d like to know more about boudoir photography in Dallas / Fort Worth, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. Bridal boudoir pictures are the perfect gift for the love of your life, and we can create incredibly beautiful images for the both of you to cherish!

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