Destination Wedding Photographer in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

We’re often asked if we can be hired for a destination wedding. Of course we can! We love to travel, and we’d love to create beautiful images for you to cherish forever.


Our owner and photographer, Sesha, has been sent to photograph around the world, including Hawaii, Mexico, The Bahamas, Scotland, Ethiopia, Vietnam, China and Australia. Because we love to travel so much, these packages are very affordable.

Destination weddings are special for so many reasons, but the romantic setting plays a huge part in making the day extra-special. From a tropical beach to a relaxing cruise to a party in the mountains, it’s a wonderful way to tie the knot — and have all of your closest friends and family there to celebrate with you. The options are endless! Once you decide on the perfect spot for your special day, we’ll be there to capture it all.

So if you’re looking into destination photography, our Dallas/Fort Worth studio is here to help! We have worked on countless destination weddings, and in doing so have helped preserve those wonderful memories for a lifetime.

Getting away for your wedding

Like any wedding or big celebration, a destination wedding can be as large or small as you want it to be. But what makes an event like this so special is that you normally have several days to enjoy yourself with family and friends. This can make it seem more relaxing than a traditional wedding, during which you’d get to mingle for a shorter time.

Believe it or not, destination weddings can be less expensive than one in your hometown; guests typically pay for all or part of their travel and accommodations. As for planning, it does help to enlist the help of an expert in the field; there are many details to work out, so the wedding planner will make sure that nothing is overlooked.

These types of events not only come in various sizes, but they also vary in theme. Adventurous couples might opt for a safari in Africa, while others would prefer to simply kick back near the ocean. It’s your choice, because it’s your magical day! We’d love to help you bring those wonderful memories home to cherish forever with stunning destination photography.

We would like to help capture every wonderful memory of your destination wedding. One way we are able to do that is by really getting to know you first. What makes this couple unique? What is their love story? We will then collaborate with you to make sure the destination photography images we create are magical and true to you!

So if you’re interested in destination photography, our Dallas/Fort Worth artists can answer any questions you may have. We look forward to getting to know you!

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