Meet Our Photographers

Hi there! Convey Studios is proud to work with several professional, lead photographers and videographers. We’re very excited to get to meet you!  Here are some fun details so you can get a head start and meet our photographers.


Sesha has been photographing weddings since 1998. She has so many favorite things from photographing weddings that she can’t pick just one: the bride’s mom helping her daughter get her wedding dress on, the first time a groom sees the bride and he tries to hold back tears. Or that moment when a bride takes a deep breath, and the doors are opened before her and her dad and they take that first step in the procession. When the vows are exchanged and the couple can hardly believe they’re really standing there.

Sesha currently lives in Euless, Texas (but her heart will always be in Springfield, Missouri!) with her husband and answered prayer, Nick. They currently have no kids, but they are super-excited to be parents some day.  Sesha loves Nick’s Christ-likeness, patience and leadership.  “I prayed for him for 15 years and while I had times of doubt that God was even hearing me, I’ll always be grateful that he heard those small and big requests that I had and chose to give me Nick.”

Several things compose Sesha’s bucket list, including “Traveling to Bhutan, paying for someone’s college education, and finally telling Matthew Perry from Friends what I was supposed to back in 1999. 🙂 Insert one of my most embarrassing moments in front of a celebrity.”

Sesha has several great memories from her wedding.  “Man oh man, what a fun day!  Being in the ER the morning of and giving decorating instructions, seeing my hubs for the first time and just being in awe of God’s kindness to bring us together, holding back tears and laughing through my vows, sharing a look with my BFFs during the ceremony, and my mom’s hugs throughout the day. Oh I can’t forget the great sparkler explosion of 2011!!”

Sesha’s advice for couples on their wedding day is to “take deep breaths and keep it simple. So many times I see couples get carried away with crazy big weddings, but so many of them don’t remember their day or the bride is on the verge of a breakdown before she gets her wedding dress on.”


Ashley, who lives in Denton, photographed her first wedding in the summer of 2010. It was a last-minute request from a couple whose original photographer canceled on them a week before the big day. Ashley had worked in photojournalism, but she’d never done a wedding before. “They told me they wanted something different, so I brought four different film cameras and one digital for their unique, Steampunk-themed wedding,” she says. “The photos turned out great, and I knew I had a knack for shooting weddings.”

One of her favorite things about photographing weddings is seeing how each ceremony reflects the characteristics of the couple. “I love knowing how they met and seeing the love the two of them share. I love being trusted to capture the intimate moments and emotions of one of the most significant days in someone’s life.”

As for her own significant other, Ben, Ashley says she loves his passion for life. In addition, “he is my rock and my love and I am blessed to have him by my side. I love that he is who he is without much influence from the people and cultures around him. He’s a genuine person.”

When she’s not working, Ashley enjoys strength training, running and kickboxing. She also loves spending time with her American Staffordshire Terrior, Grimm. Someday, she plans to publish a book of interviews with strangers she meets across the United States.

Her best advice for couples on their wedding day: “Relax as much as possible and try to take in the moments and go with the flow of the day. It can be a whirlwind and sometimes unpredictable, so I think it’s important to just remember to take it in as much as possible and remember they are marrying the love of their life. They have worked so hard to reach this point, so enjoy it as much as possible.”


Bob, who has been photographing weddings since 2013, says he enjoys “the air of excitement and anticipation, and the thrill of being connected to the joyous event.”

At his own wedding to his wife, Pam, he recalls being moved by the guitar solo at the ceremony, seeing his family and friends gathered together, “and the moment my soon-to-be-wife walked through the door at the back of the church.”

What advice would he share with other couples? “Relax and savor the moment. Everything you’ve done and everyone who had touched your life has led up to this. Share your joy with family and friends, and don’t be afraid to act a little crazy. Have fun! You deserve this.”

A resident of Sanger, Texas, Bob has a 9-year-old daughter, Kela. His hobbies include exercising, swimming with Kela, making homemade pizza and riding his motorcycle through the countryside. As for future plans, someday Bob would love to take his family scuba diving in Cancun.

He describes his wedding photography style as “modern, energetic and bold.” Those words could also be used to describe his life’s motto, which is, in part, “You cannot win if you do not play.” Bob advises others to be unafraid to take risks in life.

“Your life is a wonderful gift,” he adds, “and God wants you to fulfill your potential, no matter great or small that may be.”


Turk lives in Dallas, TX with his wife, Jenny, and their two girls, Maggie and Willow. He loves how intuitive Jenny is. Turk and Jenny eloped, and one of his favorite memories from his wedding was driving to the hotel. “Jenny and I got married 30 days after we met so we laughed our way to our room.”

One of Turk’s hobbies is riding his bicycle, and he says that one item on his bucket list is “a dangerous expedition.” His motto in life? Choose light. Choose love.

Turk has been photographing weddings since 2001 and describes his style as honest, emotional, and engaging. His recommendation for brides and grooms is to “Listen with your heart.”


Cindy lives in Arlington, TX with her husband, Alan. She loves Alan’s kind heart, humor, and dependability. They have two adult children, Cassidy and Cory, and two grandchildren who are 3 and 1. She wants to travel with her grandkids when they’re older.

Cindy has been photographing weddings since 2009. She remembers “how wonderful it felt to be behind-the-scenes, to witness all of the anticipation as plans unfolded that had been dreamed of for so long, to experience first-hand all of the loving emotions, and realizing my passion for wanting all of those special moments to be captured for all time.

Illustrative, classic, and high-fashion are how Cindy describes her photographic style. Her advice to couples on their wedding day is to remember that “A wedding is a celebration, not a performance. If at the end of the day, you’re married to the one you love, then everything went perfectly.”


Jen has been photographing weddings since 2006 and describes her style as clean, organic and intimate. She loves “the emotions of the day, from the bride and groom, to the family and friends. The whole day is charged with feelings. Beyond that, I love the details, the “story” that goes into weddings, why you choose this, or how something has been passed down through generations. I am a die-hard sentimentalist, romantic, rose-colored-glasses kind of person.”

Jen lives in North Texas with her best friend and husband, Jeremy. They don’t have any children (yet!), but they love their 17-year-old golden retriever, JoJo, who walked with Jen down the aisle.  Jen and Jeremy are still newlyweds. She describes Jeremy by saying, “He is smart, dashingly handsome, my biggest supporter and knows how to make me laugh even when I want to be mad at him. We really are best friends.”

“TRAVEL!” is the first item Jen lists of her hobbies. “It’s a goal to visit every national park in the U.S. My grandparents visited every U.S. state, together – it’s a goal that Jeremy and I share and hope to re-create during our life together.” Other activities that made her list of hobbies: “Hike, backpack, swim, run, kayak, SUP, read, cook, paint, garden, DIY Home projects. I collect shoes (Jeremy says I have a problem) and eclectic jewelry.”

Jen’s favorite moment from her own wedding was the first look. “It was the perfect moment where neither of us had to say anything. On the inside I was screaming, “I do, I do,” and he pulled me close and wouldn’t stop hugging me. We were both so excited to finally be together. Neither of us could stop smiling. I know first looks aren’t for everyone, but I wouldn’t trade that quiet moment, just the two of us, for anything.”

Jen’s advice for couples on their wedding day is to “just be in the moment. It’s one day of the rest of your life. Soak up the moments, don’t sweat the small stuff (it’s all small stuff), and eat!”


Berenice has been photographing weddings since 2011 and describes her style as illustrative and modern. She loves several things about photographing weddings: “Capturing the unique connection each couple shares with each other. Seeing family and friends get together to celebrate the couple. Listening to personalized, heartfelt vows.”

Berenice lives in Dallas, Texas. Kayaking, camping, going to the movies, travel, and antique shopping are some of her favorite activities. One item on her bucket list is “to take a month-long Eurotrip with stops in Venice, London, Paris, Rome, Greece, and Barcelona.”

Her motto is, “Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets. Believe that everything happens for a reason. If you get a chance – take it; if it changes your life – let it. Nobody said it would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it.”

Berenice’s advice to couples on their wedding day is to “give special priority to the power of communication.”


A Dallas resident, Scott describes his photography style as “unique journalistic portraiture.” 

He knows he has a very special job to do on behalf of the couples, and he approaches it with a passion:

“With weddings, there is a constant stream of activity all around you. As a photographer, you’re often outside all of that activity, able to see it happening without having to partake in it. It’s similar to watching a movie, except that you have to pay such explicit attention to all of the infinite details and be ready to photograph a moment which could last all of a half-second. I get to see things so many miss, and I get to immortalize that moment by literally capturing the light of it. That’s sort of an unreal power to possess.”

When he’s not working, Scott enjoys going to live shows “and I’m sure to partake in nightlife as often as I can.” He dreams of one day going backpacking through Nepal.

His advice for couples on their wedding day? “Accept that things won’t go as planned, and roll with it. The day is about the memories, so don’t give yourself stressful memories!”


Tara has been photographing weddings since 2009. She’s a people person and loves everything that involves a crowd, especially the dancing, fun times, and romance that comes with a wedding.

Tara lives in Addison, TX with her cat, Nyx, a 6-year-old bombai/angora mix who was originally a rescue. Reading, singing, playing the piano, swimming, and DIY projects are some of Tara’s favorite things to do, and she wants to see the Northern Lights someday.

Fresh, off-beat, yet romantic with a pinch of photojournalism is how Tara describes her photo style. Her advice to couples on their wedding day is to “Just enjoy the moment instead of worrying if something is going to go wrong. It’s your day of love and it should be just that. We’ll take care of the other stuff if it comes up.”


Blaine, who lives in McKinney, Texas with her husband Sam and 1-year-old daughter Gracen, says her favorite part about photographing weddings is “capturing candid moments that tell stories and provide wonderful memories.”

At her own wedding, many of those memories came from joyful celebration of it all; asked to name her favorite part, she says, “The dance party!”

Blaine describes her wedding photography style as “candid, creative, pretty.” She’d advise brides and grooms that she works with to “slow down, relax and ENJOY” the special day.

Besides working as a photographer, Blaine has a passion for wardrobe styling and being a personal stylist. Her motto in life? “God always has a plan!”


Justin has been working as a wedding videographer since 2011. The Lewisville, Texas resident is planning his own upcoming nuptials with his fiance, Whitney.

His favorite trait of hers? “Her optimism. Anything is possible with her can-do attitude.”

Justin describes his video style as “epic, beautiful and energetic.” The advice he’d give couples on their day is to “breath, smile and enjoy. On this day, the world pauses to celebrate you as you both unite and become one. Always keep the love alive.”

In his free time, Justin likes to travel to new places to explore their cultures. As for an item on his bucket list? “Wing suit flying.”

Justin’s motto in life is something worth pondering: “You can either be a server or the person who creates the menu.”


Kendall, has been photographing weddings in 2014, says she enjoys “watching the progression of the day and being able to capture special moments that will last forever.” She describes her photography style as natural, personal and romantic.

The Denton resident has studied art for more than 10 years, taking classes in drawing, painting and sculpting. She now utilizes those skills in both graphic design and photography.

Kendall has a passion for travel and has a goal to visit every continent in the world — and she’s already halfway there.

“I love being immersed in new cultures and new experiences,” she adds. “One of my favorite places I’ve been to is Bulembu, Swaziland. It’s a small town in the mountains of southern Africa that is dedicated to the orphans of Swaziland, and they all live in multicolored houses on the side of a hill. I’ll never forget watching the sunrise over that hill.”

Her motto? “My goal is to be a light in the world.”