December 9 2019 by nick-c0nvey

 Jade fell in love with shooting weddings in September 2017, the year she shot her first wedding. One of Jade’s favorite things about photographing weddings is capturing the chemistry and love between the bride and groom. No magic compares to that synergy.

 Jade currently resides in Houston, Texas, but she has lived all over the world in places such as Colorado, Louisiana, California and Germany. She has two “kids”, Fitzgerald and Franchesca, her beloved chihuahuas. She adopted both loves each immensely. Fitzgerald is 6 years old and Franchesca is 3 years old.

In her free time, one of Jade’s hobbies is knitting. She started when she was 18 and has been working on her skills since. Additionally, one item on Jade’s bucket list is learning to code for website design. The song that she says best describes her is “Here Comes the Sun” by The Beatles.

Happy, natural, and candid describe Jade’s style as as wedding photographer. Her advice for couples on their wedding day is: “Enjoy the moment. You’ve spent months getting ready for your wedding and you deserve to enjoy every second of the experience.


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