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Wedding Photojournalism in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

Think of wedding photojournalism as a media assignment, in a way; much the way a photographer is hired to cover a football game or festival, the wedding photojournalist has the same mission: to capture what is happening while remaining as unobtrusive as possible.

This is obviously a departure from traditional wedding photography, which requires lots of posing and special lighting at times. When you hire a wedding photojournalist, he or she will instead be there to capture the events of the day as they unfold. The result? Much more candid and “real” moments. But some people may not care for so much reality! When you take a strictly photojournalistic approach, you aren’t guaranteed to get certain shots that are standard with traditional photography. This is why many people opt for a combination of the two styles.

We’d love to talk to you about what you envision! So if you’re looking into wedding photojournalism in Dallas-Fort Worth, call, text, Email or contact us to get started. A wedding photojournalist will capture the real-time magic of your day, and you’ll have those memories to treasure for a lifetime.
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The photos truly reflect how spectacular our wedding was!
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Capturing the story of your day

When you hire a wedding photojournalist, you can ensure that he or she will be working quickly. They will use natural light and the flash from a camera, rather than relying on studio lighting.

The advent of digital photography plays a big role in wedding photojournalism, because the photographer is able to take more pictures at a rapid pace. But don’t just hire any person who happens to own a camera to take these types of shots! Wedding photojournalism is a skill that requires specific training.

When your photos are presented to you, they are often done in chronological order, so that you’ll always be able to remember the day as it happened. We’d love to meet you to find out what it is that makes you special as a couple. From there, we can devise a plan to create magical images that reflect just who you both are. You’re unique, so your photos
should reflect that!

So if you’re thinking you may need a wedding photojournalist, contact us. Convey Studios is proud to offer some of the most friendly and professional wedding photojournalism in Dallas-Fort Worth! call, text, Email or contact us to know more.
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[Convey Studios] made everything so easy and was always willing to listen to my ideas!

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