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Convey Studios is proud to work with some of the best professional, lead photographers and videographers. Here are some fun details about them, and you can watch a minute-and-a-half video about each of them. If you’d like to find out which of our photographers is available for your date, call, text, Email or contact us today.
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    Sesha has been photographing weddings since 1998. She has so many favorite things from photographing weddings that she can’t pick just one: the bride’s mom helping her daughter get her wedding dress on, the first time a groom sees the bride and he tries to hold back tears. Or that moment when a bride takes a deep breath, and the doors are opened before her and her dad and they take that first step in the procession. When the vows are exchanged and the couple can hardly believe they’re really standing there.

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    Turk lives in Dallas, TX with his wife, Jenny, and their two girls, Maggie and
    Willow. He loves how intuitive Jenny is. Turk and Jenny eloped, and one of his
    favorite memories from his wedding was driving to the hotel. “Jenny and I got
    married 30 days after we met so we laughed our way to our room.”

    One of Turk’s hobbies is riding his bicycle, and he says that one item on his
    bucket list is “a dangerous expedition.” His motto in life? Choose light. Choose

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    Stephanie lives in Fort Worth, TX with her husband, Aaron, their dog, Cooper, and their cat, Rey. She loves how Aaron “always puts others first and wants to help other people.” Her favorite memory from her wedding was the dancing.

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    Chris has lived a nomadic life for many years, with his cameras he would seek out stories of culture, adventure, and lifestyles. A year ago he met a childhood friend and fell in love. It’s easy to say she was the one that could hang up his rugged boots from “the road.” Chris lives in Dallas now to set roots with his soulmate and eat some fantastic BBQ.

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    Will lives in Plano, TX and enjoys playing acoustic guitar. His motto in live is “Love God & love others.” One item on his bucket list is to visit Alaska and go dog sled racing.

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    Eric photographed his first wedding in 2012 and describes his style as epic, timeless, high fashion. He enjoys the challenges that photographing weddings offers, and especially enjoys capturing photos of the bride & groom getting ready.

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    Copeland lives in Denton, TX with his wife Lauren. His favorite quality about Lauren is that she “loves, listens to, follows and trusts the Lord.” They have three children together: Lila, Greyson, and Copeland.

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    Stephen’s favorite part of photographing weddings is “Getting to see how each couple and family expresses love.” He has been photographing weddings since 2007 and describes his style as vintage, glamour, and fashion.

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    Corey’s favorite thing about photographing weddings is the little moments. “Those moments that bring you right back to where you were, the ones you carry with you always. Those moments that raise your hair on your arms and remind you of the experience that was shared on that day.”

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