Our Five Favorite Dallas Wedding Venues

If you are blessed to be getting married in Texas – specifically near Dallas, that is – then you may be overwhelmed with the significant number of gorgeous ceremony locations! To be honest, that is precisely the type of problem we love and, to make things a little easier, we’ve rounded up our five favorite Dallas wedding venues here!


This ethereal venue provides a romantic and rustic backdrop for an awe-inspiring wedding.


For a farmland-inspired fairytale of a wedding, look no further than this highly customizable venue. With plenty of options for every style and views almost as breathtaking as the bride, we’re absolutely in love with this place.


Country charm, wild spaces, wonderful water features and the great romantic outdoors away at this Ellis County oasis. With plenty of space for every wedding party size and romance in the air, there is something for every bride here.


A wide-reaching venue that is rich in both romance and warm feelings, this venue was not only started by tried and true wedding industry professionals, but it offers up sweeping views that have to be seen outside of a fairytale to be believed.


With the ability to host both indoor and outdoor affairs, this lakeside gem of a locale exudes classic romance and the excitement of new love.

6 Bridal Hairstyles We Love!

When you walk down the aisle, you just know you will want every detail to be perfect: you’ve painstakingly selected your dress, you’ve gotten the most beautiful blooms, you know what your makeup will look like – but when it comes to hair, there are so many options! Up or down? Curled or straight? Today, we take a look at some of our favorite bridal hairstyles.


We love that you never have to commit to an updo fully or wearing your hair completely loose – consider a half pulled back look with some sweeping curls to set a genuinely romantic tone.


Make your hair and face the focal point and opt for straight hair pulled entirely off your face. Add your interest thanks to some volume up top.


A gorgeous go-to for a reason, this classical style updo elevates your hair to new levels of elegance while allowing your face to remain free of pesky flyaways.


Another variation on the updo, this style keeps your lines simple and clean and adds a youthful romance as your style also serves as the perfect setting to showcase a circlet or a tiara.


No muss, no fuss, all easy and breezy, wearing your hair loose with some light waves is a gorgeous, clean option to showcase a bubbly personality.


Complete the look of a perfect romantic heroine with a style that gathers your hair in a low bun to one side, while a lovely loose tendril frames your face – and your love story.

Fun & Quirky Weddings: Rhianna & Toney Dempsey

If you know one thing about us here at Convey Studios, it’s that we love weddings with personality and couples that bubble forth with their own unique story and details. Today we are excited to feature Rhianna & Toney Dempsey’s spectacular, Poe-riffic, spellbinding, otherworldly October wedding!

The scene for a truly gothic romance is set with plenty of mystical elegance.

It’s the happiest kind of spooky season when this haunted house inspired décor paves the way for true love.

Flowers of romance can be found blooming wherever true love stands – here, in visions of rich, royal purple.

We just love the chance to snap some candid shots as the bride prepares for her big day – just look at this ethereal beauty!

You can’t beat the timeless romance of a lover’s hand tapping you on the shoulder.

This is why we adore First Look shoots – there’s an undeniable magic to their romance.

The majesty of an autumnal background is the perfect setting for this love story.

American Gothic, reimagined, and if we do say so, even improved upon!

Rich red candles add a touch of elegance – and a mood for love set by candlelight.

We beat you haven’t seen a groom’s entrance like this before! As the music begins, the husband-to-be rises up from his coffin, brought to life by true love.

That smile is worth all the words in the world.

The heroines of gothic romance WISH they had a veil like that!

A frothing cauldron sets the mystical atmosphere and creates a feeling of otherworldly love.

As rings and vows are exchanged, a crystal ball lights up in an ethereal glow.

Truly a royal affair – this see of violet has us seeing nothing but love.

We adore this fun-loving crowd! It’s all smiles all the time when a wedding is this original!

The only word we have for this? Stunning. Simply stunning. And the perfect, magical way to cap off the most wonderfully mystifying wedding we’ve had the pleasure to capture.

It’s All About… The Grandparents!

Your special day is not complete without being surrounded by your loved ones. And, if you are lucky enough to have your grandparents around for your wedding, you will want to surely make them feel involved and included. If your elder loved ones have passed, you can still keep them involved by incorporating their memory into your ceremony. Take a look at these heartwarming celebrations of family across generations.

It’s All About… The Grandparents!

You’re never too old or too grown or too married to hug your Nan. When you are blessed with the ability for your grandparent to be present at the ceremony, we just love seeing them pass on their excitement and adoration. You’ll cherish these memories forever!

It’s All About… The Grandparents!

Age is truly just a number. In fact, your grandmom probably rocked harder and was cooler than you ever knew – and still is! Consider making sure you get some photos of your grandparents having fun throughout your wedding. In fact, we dare anyone not to smile looking at this happy snap!

It’s All About… The Grandparents!

Grandads just wanna have fun! Capture those smiling eyes for a lifetime and make sure you set aside some time to connect with your Pop at the reception. You just know there’s no one who’s going to be your bigger cheerleader.

It’s All About… The Grandparents!

Don’t forget the hugs! It’s a scientific fact that grandmothers give the best hugs and just want you to be happy. You’re going to be in a whirlwind at your wedding, but don’t forget to make a little time for a pep talk and a hug with grandma.

It’s All About… The Grandparents!

If your beloved grandma has passed, that doesn’t mean you cannot still have her be a part of your big day. Save her a seat with a lovely photographic memorial – she’s still in your heart and still smiling on you.

It’s All About… The Grandparents!

Your something old, borrowed (and blue, in this case!) can be a sweet way of making sure your grandmother is still a part of your day, even if she can’t physically be there. Sewing a piece of her favorite dress into your own wedding dress means she’s with you literally every step of the way.

It’s All About… The Grandparents!

Your grandparents are so important and love you very much – your wedding isn’t only a time for yours and your partner’s love to shine, but it’s also all about the love of your families – and so, it’s all about… the grandparents!

Pros & Cons: First Looks Versus Ceremony

The best part of there being so many different wedding traditions? There’s no right or wrong way to celebrate – it’s really all up to you!

Pros & Cons: First Looks Versus Ceremony

Today, we’re taking a look at that storied, sacred moment of a groom seeing his bride in her wedding dress for the first time. Everyone can agree that is a special, heartwarming moment, but how and when it happens tends to vary. Do you guys have a private first look to see each other before you walk down the aisle, or do you prefer the element of emotional surprise as the groom sees his bride for the first time at the altar? Let’s explore!

Pros & Cons: First Looks Versus Ceremony


  • You get the advantage of having some quiet alone time before the ceremony. For many couples, this can be a calming and grounding moment.
  • There is the chance to take some really great photos in one of the rare pauses of the day versus all the shots that will be hurried, posed or during the ceremony later on.
  • Seasonal timing can come in to play. For instance, if you’re having a winter wedding, you only have natural light until around 5 o’clock in the afternoon and so this first look can afford you some critical photos.
  • It’s a private experience you and your partner can share on a day filled with almost zero alone time.


  • It’s a break from tradition! If you don’t want to be too modern in your nuptials, this is a pretty stark departure.
  • A first look can sometimes build pressure rather than release it – there may be expectations of emotion that, if they’re not met, can lead for some discomfort going into the ceremony.
  • You simply may not have time! Weddings are already jam-packed so throwing an extra step in there can be a lot.
  • It may feel a little awkward if you set it up as a fully private moment but then are still witnessed by photographers, videographers, etc. making it potentially less intimate and more awkward.

Pros & Cons: First Looks Versus Ceremony


  • There is something timeless and romantic about a groom seeing his bride as she walks down the aisle – it’s often called a magical moment.
  • Your timeline will be protected. You have a lot going on on your wedding day – throwing one more ‘to do’ in the mix can be overwhelming.
  • If you’re doing an earlier ceremony, there very well may not even be time!
  • Those photos and the film of your husband’s eyes lighting up at the ceremony will be magical.


  • You have the potential to get so swept up in the business of the day that you are taken out of the moment and may not register or fully appreciate that detail in the myriad of emotions and thoughts that run through your mind as you walk the aisle.
  • You could lose out on some special photos of just the two of you.
  • If you value intimacy, skipping the first look could mean you lose out on sharing something very private for all time.
  • You’ll get more time with your guests if you do your first look photos prior to the ceremony, rather than rushing for pictures between the wedding and the reception.


At the end of the day, both are beautiful, wonderful options – it’s up to you, your partner, and truly no one else.

Best Places in Fort Worth to Get Your Engagement Photos

Are you lucky enough to have found your soulmate in good old Fort Worth? Are you searching for that perfect place to have your engagement shoot? Fort Worth is actually a cornucopia of magical locations! Get ready to fall in love all over again as we take a look at some of our favorites: Fort Worth Japanese Garden, Fort Worth Water Gardens, Mudsmith, the Scatt Jazz Lounge, and Trinity Park.


Located in the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens, the Japanese Gardens offer up a tranquil setting, breathtaking views and a real sense of inner peace to accompany your love. You feel a sense of zen just looking at these pictures!

Best Places in Fort Worth to Get Your Engagement Photos

There’s nothing more romantic than a small bridge, still waters and a feeling of love and peace.

Best Places in Fort Worth to Get Your Engagement Photos

The curving trees and precise horticulture creates the perfect backdrop for any engagement memories.

Best Places in Fort Worth to Get Your Engagement Photos

Surprising architecture allows for some inspiring and unexpected shoots!

Best Places in Fort Worth to Get Your Engagement Photos

If romance is the name of the game, you are sure to find it here. There’s a storybook quality to be found among the low hanging branches and sturdy trees.


This surprising oasis is not hard to find. A magical reprieve in the city, it is located right by the Fort Worth Convention Center, and this architectural dream is what magical engagement photos are made of.

Best Places in Fort Worth to Get Your Engagement Photos

The sunlit, rushing water blends together to create a bit of a romantic fantasy while also no competing for attention in a shot meant to showcase your connection.

Best Places in Fort Worth to Get Your Engagement Photos

You don’t have to go far after all to share a romantic moment by a waterfall!

Best Places in Fort Worth to Get Your Engagement Photos

The coolness of the water is balanced perfectly by the warmth of the architecture itself, making this an ideal location for a photoshoot in any season!


Iconic and fully caffeinated, the Mudsmith coffee house has all the vintage charm and romantic flair to showcase any engagement shoot. From meticulously crafted drinks to a cute café setting, if you’re looking for charm, you’ve found it here.

Best Places in Fort Worth to Get Your Engagement Photos

For latte lovers, cappuccino couples and even pint pairs, Mudsmith offers up not only delicious drinks but old-fashioned cuteness.

Best Places in Fort Worth to Get Your Engagement Photos

If you have a flair for the vintage, your classic love is well-documented here.

Best Places in Fort Worth to Get Your Engagement Photos

Even the coffee is in on your engagement shoot! A heart-topped latte, a rustic table and the incorporation of something you two enjoy doing together makes a nice added touch.

Best Places in Fort Worth to Get Your Engagement Photos

Doesn’t this just look straight out of a cozy romance movie? Mudsmith is the perfect setting for a love that’s warm and comfortable.


From Casablanca to almost any Judy Garland flick, embody the romance and the adventure of a time past with this throwback to the ‘40s and live out your own timeless romance with an engagement shoot from another, sophisticated era.

Best Places in Fort Worth to Get Your Engagement Photos

Celebrate how your love makes you always feel like dancing under the neon lights and with a smooth song in your hearts.

Best Places in Fort Worth to Get Your Engagement Photos

Here’s lookin’ at you, kid. We just adore how love can transport you to another time – and the Scatt Jazz Lounge is your perfect vehicle.


If your love is outdoorsy and natural, let that shine through with your engagement photos! Offering up gorgeous outdoor scenery, Trinity Park is a natural escape right here in Fort Worth!

Best Places in Fort Worth to Get Your Engagement Photos

Crisp, adventurous and comforting. From trees to open spaces, Trinity Park has a romantic aesthetic.

Best Places in Fort Worth to Get Your Engagement Photos

Let the sun shine down on you and your romance!

Best Places in Fort Worth to Get Your Engagement Photos

It’s just the two of you. Trinity Park’s open nature takes your engagement shoot out of the hustle and bustle and lets you feel as though you’re the only two people in the world.’

Plus, did we mention its pet-friendly? If your dogs are a part of your family, you are blessed with this gorgeous opportunity to include them in your pictures!


Have you been inspired by one of these locations? Whether your engagement is an urban affair or one with nature, Fort Worth has plenty of options for magical locations.

How to Handle Awkward Family Dynamics in your Wedding Photography

As much as we would all like for everything to be smooth sailing, there is no denying that a lot of family experience tension and some uncomfortable dynamics. When that threatens to spill over into your wedding day, though, that discomfort can shoot up into new territory. You don’t want your photographic memories to be tainted by tension or marred by contempt. Just breathe. There are some tried and true ways to get through those awkward family matters and keep your pictures a breezy success.

Let Your Photographer Know

It may seem simple and straightforward, but that’s because it is! Trust us – your photographer is a trained professional and this won’t be the first uncomfortable family situation they’ve been a part of. Letting them know ahead of time about particular family dynamics will help them help you stage and pose photos that will keep potential conflicts at a minimum.

Be Strategic With Seating

Get ahead of the game and avoid pictures of pouty faces at the ceremony and reception by having assigned seating and making sure to sit feuding family members far away from each other so they never even have a chance to feel and breed discomfort.

Keep the Mood Light

Don’t even focus on the bad dynamics! Keep your mind on your big day and incorporate happy details and fun things into your ceremony and pictures. Who would get grumpy blowing bubbles? Or goofing around in a prop-heavy photobooth? Or could keep a scowl on as they’re being served mini cheeseburgers? Don’t even entertain someone’s dark cloud.

Enlist Help

If you are anxious about familial dislike seeping into your pictures, let your friends or other family members know and ask them to help you keep those people apart and out of photos together.

Have ‘Em Practice

Look, they may hate each other but, if they’re at your wedding, they clearly love you. Set aside some time to talk with those you are worried about the awkwardness with and have them practice faking calm and contentment, at least for the photos.

Awkward family dynamics are almost an inescapable part of life anymore – but they don’t have to show in your wedding photos! Be honest, be prepared and be present and your pictures will speak a thousand happy words.

Hangers We Love, and You Will Too!

When it comes to your wedding dress – and the gowns of your bridesmaids – you know every detail counts but how often do you think of this seemingly mundane detail? That’s right. We’re taking it down to the hanger level. To protect the integrity of your clothing – keep that structure, minimize the pilling, etc. Check out some of your best bets below.

Wooden Personalized Hangers

First things first: These smooth, wooden hangers will perfectly protect your dress shoulders. And now onto the adorable second: the personalization! You can have them monogrammed or your full name in a cute script – just think how classy your detail photos of your wedding dress hanging up will look when hanging on one of these customized cuties!

Uber Personal

Next level personalization here, folks! Your name is literally entwined, part of this hanger! Throw in a cute little bow detail, and you’ve got wedding magic that goes even a step beyond being Insta worthy. A keepsake for all time – your wedding dress can hang in style, and then so can the rest of your clothes!

Gorgeous Gold Leaf

Who couldn’t use a little gold and glamor in their lives? Getting all made up the day of your wedding will be made all the more fun and fanciful when your name – perhaps your soon-to-be Mrs. name? – is staring back at you in this glittering gold hanger from just above your gown!

Gilded Fantasy

A hanger worthy of any princess, this vessel for your wedding dress rivals any Disney dream! It’s a whole new world once upon a dream, and your own Cinderella dream gown will genuinely be the fairest of them all when it hangs upon this.

Pretty in Pink

Hangers of vinyl to keep your dress in tip-top shape accentuated by pink personalization will surely set your wedding dress pics apart from the rest. You can even further customize each hanger by adding the assignment on the side: bride, maid of honor, bridesmaid, etc.

For a day that truly stands out, make sure your dress and your time to get ready is picture perfect at every detail.

Part 4: Flattering Poses for the Banana-Shaped Body

Is your body super proportional? Even width, shoulders down through thighs? Congrats, you have a beautiful banana-shaped body! Continuing our exploration of flattering poses for every body type, we list some of the best ones below.


Pop it, angle it, make it work! Having your hands on your hip – or tilting one out to the side – creates curves, accentuates the waist, and shows off your womanly figure.


You’ve got free rein to make your space your own. Since you’re super proportional, you can break up the space and create your own angles and shapes.


To break up the proportions. Play up some flattering side shots that accentuate your profile plus show off your gown from every view!


Work it and have fun while you sass it up! Leaning forward or backward or crouching and really playing up the pose will help create some curves and make use of all the cameras angles.


There’s no better way to create some fluidity and soft curves than mid-twist, mid-skip, mid-anything. Plus, it’s fun to have some candid shots!

So that’s it for Part 4. More posts are yet to come so stay tuned:

We’ll update THIS POST with the other parts as we post them too.

Top 5 Things to Consider for a Spring Wedding

While the air may be just starting to take on that chill, if you are planning a spring wedding, you know that now is the time to be thinking of warmer months again. Follow these top tips to ensure you’re well prepared.

Be prepared for the literal April showers.

surprise us with unwanted and unplanned for rain. You can still go full steam ahead with the outdoor wedding of your dreams, but make sure you have a Plan B (a large tent, an onsite building, a reserved pavilion, etc.) just in case the heavens above decided to open on your big day.


When it comes to things like fresh flowers and locally sourced catering, keeping in mind what is in season will not only give you fresher options but will keep your costs down, too, as you will not be special ordering anything grown far off or in fancy, expensive hothouses. Flowers such as daffodils or daisies are charming, timelessly romantic, and pretty inexpensive when it comes to bulk ordering them!


Just as spring can be unexpectedly rainy, it can also hit you with a heat wave out of nowhere. If you get stuck with a cloyingly hot day, prepare for it by giving out paper fans as favors, stock up on ice, have cold packs on hand, and consider renting electric fans, if possible. And if you are going to be keeping your cake outside, go for one with fondant versus buttercream or royal icing, as fondant is much more heat resistant and will not melt off or become oily and slick.


Spring is a wonderful time for a wedding, and, as such, the competition for venues and vendors is fierce. Being so popular, weekends at prime wedding locations as well as top-tier caterers, musicians, planners, etc. tend to be booked quite in advance. Make sure you are nailing down these things first before you move onto less date-specific details. Book a venue and a caterer first thing and far in advance before you even put your mind to things like theme, colors, dress, etc.


If you are planning on a destination wedding at a resort or a beach, check out spring break schedules, too. The last thing you want for your wedding is a bunch of loud, partying college kids right next to you. The same applies for your honeymoon: consider booking your trip for after college kids will be back in school to ensure a peaceful, grown-up romantic getaway.

Spring weddings are a joy to have and will leave you with warm, sunny memories. Make sure you’re planning for the best day you can have!