Part 4: Flattering Poses for the Banana-Shaped Body

Is your body super proportional? Even width, shoulders down through thighs? Congrats, you have a beautiful banana-shaped body! Continuing our exploration of flattering poses for every body type, we list some of the best ones below.


Pop it, angle it, make it work! Having your hands on your hip – or tilting one out to the side – creates curves, accentuates the waist, and shows off your womanly figure.


You’ve got free rein to make your space your own. Since you’re super proportional, you can break up the space and create your own angles and shapes.


To break up the proportions. Play up some flattering side shots that accentuate your profile plus show off your gown from every view!


Work it and have fun while you sass it up! Leaning forward or backward or crouching and really playing up the pose will help create some curves and make use of all the cameras angles.


There’s no better way to create some fluidity and soft curves than mid-twist, mid-skip, mid-anything. Plus, it’s fun to have some candid shots!

Top 5 Things to Consider for a Spring Wedding

While the air may be just starting to take on that chill, if you are planning a spring wedding, you know that now is the time to be thinking of warmer months again. Follow these top tips to ensure you’re well prepared.

Be prepared for the literal April showers.

surprise us with unwanted and unplanned for rain. You can still go full steam ahead with the outdoor wedding of your dreams, but make sure you have a Plan B (a large tent, an onsite building, a reserved pavilion, etc.) just in case the heavens above decided to open on your big day.


When it comes to things like fresh flowers and locally sourced catering, keeping in mind what is in season will not only give you fresher options but will keep your costs down, too, as you will not be special ordering anything grown far off or in fancy, expensive hothouses. Flowers such as daffodils or daisies are charming, timelessly romantic, and pretty inexpensive when it comes to bulk ordering them!


Just as spring can be unexpectedly rainy, it can also hit you with a heat wave out of nowhere. If you get stuck with a cloyingly hot day, prepare for it by giving out paper fans as favors, stock up on ice, have cold packs on hand, and consider renting electric fans, if possible. And if you are going to be keeping your cake outside, go for one with fondant versus buttercream or royal icing, as fondant is much more heat resistant and will not melt off or become oily and slick.


Spring is a wonderful time for a wedding, and, as such, the competition for venues and vendors is fierce. Being so popular, weekends at prime wedding locations as well as top-tier caterers, musicians, planners, etc. tend to be booked quite in advance. Make sure you are nailing down these things first before you move onto less date-specific details. Book a venue and a caterer first thing and far in advance before you even put your mind to things like theme, colors, dress, etc.


If you are planning on a destination wedding at a resort or a beach, check out spring break schedules, too. The last thing you want for your wedding is a bunch of loud, partying college kids right next to you. The same applies for your honeymoon: consider booking your trip for after college kids will be back in school to ensure a peaceful, grown-up romantic getaway.

Spring weddings are a joy to have and will leave you with warm, sunny memories. Make sure you’re planning for the best day you can have!

Our Favorite Dallas Wedding Venues – Paradise Cove

What is one of our favorite things about Texas? The beautiful wedding venues, of course! For our feature this month, the name says it all: Paradise Cove is a literal wedding paradise. What makes it so special? Take a stroll by the water and see!

Our Favorite Dallas Wedding Venues – Paradise CoveWe adore the magical framing of this gazebo by the water. Can’t you just picture getting married lakeside? There’s something so Jane Austen-style perfect about this mood and this moment.

From the perfect, petal-strewn walkway to the flower and tree-lined accents, Paradise Cove offers up a magical retreat here. With a setting worthy of a cinematic, swooping shot, any couple lucky enough to tie the knot here is assured a lasting love.

Swoon! We’re in love with the utter romance of this pink sunset also turning the water a beautiful blush. Is this real life or is this wedding fantasy?

And you do not have to live in fear of the elements! With this gorgeous gazebo, you can have your outdoor cake – and some shade, too! We just adore the charming stone, the magnificent views, and the ability to personalize the pavilion, however, your hearts desire: tulle, flowers, streamers, you name it!

Sunrise or sunset, the Paradise Cove walkways by the water are perfect for any intimate ceremony. Even when you have a lot of guests in the open spaces, you can snag a few private moments where they matter.

The views looking out from the covered gazebo are just as magical as looking in! With a fairy tale arch and picture-perfect trees, your wedding pictures and memory will be ripped from a fairytale.

Just looking at this majestic sunset gives us chills in the best way possible. A waterfront garden, a clear sky, romance in the air – who would not want their wedding looking like something out of a dream?

Not fancying an outdoor affair? Never fear because their indoor spaces are just as gorgeous! When it comes time for the reception, your guests can relax in climate-controlled comfort while still looking out on the picturesque setting.

Would you want to have your wedding at magical Paradise Cove?

What to Look for in Your Photographer Besides Their Portfolio – Personality!

The landscapes – fabulous! The portraits – breathtaking! The use of color – clearly classy! But then comes the day when you actually meet with your potential photographer, and it’s just… Well, it can be ‘blah!’ Your right and left brain may be fighting to rationalize using them anyway, but when it comes down to it, they’re missing one very important part – good old-fashioned personality!

Your wedding is going to be a reflection of you – in fact, it’s widely referred to as your day for a reason! So, when it comes to one of the most important parts (the visual memories you will cherish forever), you’ll want your photographer to get you, to gel with your vision and to make you and your partner feel not only at ease but connected with them as well.

As wedding photographers, we do not get into the business because we want to be boring or disconnected or staid. In fact, one of the most satisfying parts of the job is, without a doubt, connecting with our clients and making sure their memories are in good hands. Look, your wedding day is gonna be FUN – don’t you want the person in charge of capturing its essence to be so, too?

There are a thousand technical things you can – and should – look for, of course. When perusing a portfolio, the pictures you find should be well-lit, they should be well-staged, they should be clear, they should be cohesive. But, if you’re going, to be honest, that is the basic bar you would hope and expect any professional photographer to meet. When you start getting down to it, your pictures should have a life and a statement and your photographer, who is going to be closely involved with not only your wedding but you personally, should be someone who gets you, someone who smiles with you – an actual, personable person.

You’ve got the right groom, the right dress, the right details – your gut hasn’t led you wrong! So, when it comes to selecting your photographer, listen to it there, too, and look beyond the basics to the soul within.

Fun/Quirky Weddings – Anum & Edward Jou

Go ahead, name a more iconic duo than a wedding plus fun personality. Nothing beats it, right? Today we are taking a look at one of our recent fave ceremonies to shoot: Anum & Edward Jou. Their personality and inner beauty shine through, and you could tell they were having a blast celebrating their love.

An event so grand, there were two full days of happiness to capture. Browse the blog for some inspiration and some heartwarming reaffirmations of a happily ever after!

How can you not fall in love in a setting so warm and bright?

A gorgeous smile, an incredible style, and colors that make the heart sing! We love when traditions are fun and are maximized in the name of love.

On a day of marriage, there is so much love for all the family.

Every memory, every shot here is alive with color and with heart.

And don’t worry – all that color and joy isn’t just for the bride! The groom is fully immersed!

Now for the obvious: How obviously in love with her is he? This is why we are in this business!

And can we talk about the beauty in the details? That lace! That henna! That ring! This closeup still takes our breath away.

Of course, this adorable little man completes the day.

A little bit traditional, a little bit light-hearted – all joy!

There’s no holding back all the fun! This was a wedding party that knew how to get down – and they came to PARTY.

Forget that tired rice! These blowing bubbles send the bride and groom off in fantastical – and environmentally-friendly – style.

When you have downtime – have some fun!

There is simply not a single photo to be found where these two are not smiling with overflowing joy. The happiness is palpable and the wedding exquisite.

This wedding was a blast and a joy. How are you making your wedding day special and memorable?

It’s All About the…Rings!

He liked it… So he put a ring on it! Let’s face it, no matter your style, taste, attitudes – there’s nothing like a shiny little somethin’ somethin’ on your finger. What we love about current wedding trends is that there is something for every type of bride: from the traditional diamond bling to modern, flashy alternatives!

Let’s take a look through our very own jewelry museum!

Timeless and elegant. There’s something unendingly romantic about a simple band and a center stone. This clean, refreshing ring conjures up feelings of love for the ages and two hearts focused on the perfect traditions.

If you like a little more bling to your ring, you can’t go wrong with a multi-stone band. It is still classic and charming but with a flashier setting – what bride wouldn’t say “yes” to that sparkler!

All shine, no shyness! When you want to proclaim your partnership to the heavens, a big, shiny diamond will do the trick. We always love a lot of sparkles, and this large and in charge engagement ring is no exception.

You always love vintage charm! A larger, more intricate band is an absolutely beautiful throwback to something a little more handcrafted, a bit more deco, and with a love story already built right in.

It’s not only diamonds that are a girl’s best friend! A great way to offset your center stone is with some darker, eye-catching gems and an intricate band. We love this ring because it is the perfect combination of traditional with a modern twist!

Stunning, circular, and silver – the classy trifecta! Don’t be afraid to branch out with your diamond shapes – a rounded gem catches the light and catches the eye with ease.

Why It’s Important to Print Your Wedding Photos at a Professional Lab

They’re finally here – the digital files that hold within them the only professionally photographed images of your wedding. You can’t wait to look through them – from the ceremony to reception, from portraits to candid shots. You are already picking favorites and falling in love.

With images as beautiful and meaningful as these, then, why sacrifice on quality now at the last minute? Your wedding was important. Your pictures are important. And so printing them out is important, too – they should be given physical life professionally.

Everything you have done for your wedding is about quality. And these pictures are here to last you a lifetime – possibly the most lasting, most shared item from your wedding – don’t ruin all the work, now! Photographs are professionally edited and professionally tuned – but not all printers are. In fact, if you print at anything other than a professional lab, the calibrations will be off, the printing will be less precise, and you have no guarantee your prints will look just as they do on the screen.

A quality wedding deserves a quality print. And, speaking as a photographer, we genuinely love and stand by the pictures we take and share, and stand by professional work. We even stood by your side throughout your entire ceremony – so we’re invested, too! We are proud of our quality and proud of the quality of your special day.

Photography is an art, and you will want someone dedicated to their craft, right? Of course, you do! Think about it in the same terms as your wedding dress: you get what you pay for. Or your catering! Did you go with a professional chef or did you ask a fast food cashier to whip something up?

We thought not. With higher quality materials, higher quality standards and higher quality attention to detail – your permanent memories should never be sacrificed for anything less.

Earrings We Love and You Will Too!

It’s really no secret that one of the most fun parts of a wedding is the shopping for the perfect accessories – and gorgeous earrings are no exception! Whatever your style, there is something perfect to adorn your matrimonial earlobes.

Drop Pearl Earrings

A perfect classic for a reason, drop pearls can match a variety of brides and weddings, magically. Traditional and feminine? Perfect. A beach extravaganza? Pearls are right at home! And Beau-Coup offers up these silky, shiny beauties at a price that will surely fit with any budget.

Providence Monogram Post Earrings

Monograms are timelessly classy – they give off an automatic air of sophistication and family. What better or cuter way to embrace and announce to the world your married persona than by rocking monogrammed earrings featuring your newly married initials on your walk down the aisle! With a variety of hue options, you can match your wedding colors with ease – or dare to stand out and draw attention to your wedding day initials!

Single Stone Earrings

A touch of color, a bit of class and a little whimsy sure to make you smile, these solo stone earrings are understated enough to jive with any wedding dress and yet have enough of a pop to reflect your personality. They are available in almost every color of the rainbow and just seeing these gorgeous gems makes us smile all over!

Tie the Knot Earrings

OK, OK, we just have to say it – how absolutely adorable! These cheeky little earrings allow you to quite literally tie the knot on your wedding day in the form of delicate little bows. They are cute without being over the top cutesy and classy enough for a wedding without sacrificing personality and whimsy. We just adore them!

Rhinestone and Pearl Earrings

Talk about timeless elegance! The shine of rhinestones perfectly complements the silky sheen of pearls, each component elevating the other. There’s something about this pairing that, while at first glance being quite fancy, actually works well with any dress. They can add a touch of glamour to a more casual affair or blend right into a princess dream.

Pulling together the ultimate bridal look is never dull and offers up a never-ending amount of choices. And finding the perfect, charming earrings to accessorize your bridal dreams – pure perfection.

Part 3: Flattering Poses for the Carrot-Shaped Body

It’s time again for one of our favorite series: flattering poses! We’re all about every bride feeling comfortable and radiant in her body, and today we’re taking a look at some of the best poses for the carrot-shaped body. If you’ve got broader shoulders and an ample bust tapering into slim hips, then these tips are for you!

Angles – Shoulders First!

Angles are your friend! Posing with a twist in your hip and the side of your shoulders to the camera helps accentuate your hips and brings a broader shoulder into proportion.

How to Stand

Want to create a fuller lower half? Posing with your legs straddled a bit apart helps fill you out – and can push out that tush!

Accentuate the Waist

One of the simplest posing tricks that will automatically make your hips look bigger and your waist slimmer is to simply put your hand on your waist and turn slightly sideways!

Lean Forward

Don’t lean back – doing so will automatically make you look broader. Instead, tilt your head and lean a little forward for the perfect shot.

Cross Your Legs

You can create a curvy illusion by posing with one leg in front of the other as if taking a step forward to pop those curves.

You are a beautiful bride, and your pictures should reflect not only your beauty but your confidence on your big day – so practice, pose and slay!

So that’s it for Part 3. More posts are yet to come so stay tuned:

We’ll update THIS POST with the other parts as we post them too.

How to Make a Big Wedding Feel More Intimate

The guest lists are finalized, the wedding invites are ordered, the seating chart is ready, and the final verdict is in: you’ve got a big wedding! Big weddings are a joy because you can share your special day with every special person and the party atmosphere really gets rocking. One common misconception, though, around larger weddings is that they lose the personalization factor and we’re here to tell you that doesn’t have to be so! In fact, there are several ways you can make your wedding day and your big party feel pretty darn intimate.

Break Up the Space

Sure, you’ve booked a large venue, but that doesn’t mean it has to feel like one giant, sprawling space. Break it all up into smaller sections using furniture, and decorations to make it feel cozier, smaller and elevate the intimate feel.

Clever Seating

When it comes to the actual ceremony, rather than having straight rows of seating that stretch on forever, inevitably having the way back rows feel disconnected and far off. Consider arranging your seats in a round or a semi-circular plan so that you can fit more people in around the altar and to create longer rows rather than a sprawling stadium feel.

Plan Activities

With a large wedding party, it is unlikely you’ll be able to see every single guest face to face on your wedding day so making sure to make the rounds at a rehearsal dinner, at a wedding weekend brunch or a welcome party will give you a chance to greet everyone and make them feel included.

Food? Make It Buffet Style!

Choosing family-style meals over individual orders automatically encourages people to get up and mingle and not feel confined to their table in a sea of other island tables. Your guests will feel more at ease getting to choose their food, and a buffet station can get the conversations flowing.


There’s nothing like thoughtful favors to make your guests feel included and remembered. Personalized goodies (shot glasses, candies, candles – the options are endless) are a great way to make sure guests feel tied to your special day – no matter how many there are.