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Traditional Wedding Photography in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

How things have changed since the early days of wedding photography! Back in the 1840s, cameras had been invented but they were still very cumbersome. Couples who wanted to have their union documented on film (rather than on canvas) would go to the studio for traditional wedding photography, rather than having the photographer go to them during the ceremony.

But after World War II, everything was reversed in a sense; with the advent of portable equipment and flashbulbs, photographers would often show up at the event, take pictures and then try to convince the couple to buy them “on spec.” Eventually, photographers were hired ahead of time to take traditional-looking portraits of the entire wedding party, complete with special lighting and equipment.

At Convey Studios, we want to collaborate on what your vision is for your big day and how the photos should be shot. Many couples prefer the look of traditional pictures, and we’ve worked on many weddings of this type. So for high-quality, friendly and professional traditional wedding photography in Dallas-Fort Worth, call us to get started!

So if you’re looking for top-quality contemporary wedding photography in Dallas-Fort Worth, call, text, Email or contact us to get started.
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The look of classic bridal photography

One of the most important decisions a couple will make before the wedding is to decide on their preferred photographic style. We’ll meet with you, get to know you and then help you with that decision! It is always our goal to find out what makes a couple unique, and to go with those details to create a set of lovely, heartwarming images that you’ll cherish forever.

Traditional photography will involve setting up shots and posing, posing, posing. Normally, these photos will be taken before or after the wedding itself. Some couples will go with a mixture of traditional and photojournalistic pictures, which are taken as the event goes on and capture more “real” moments.

Whatever you decide, it will affect the schedule of the day itself, so we’ll go over all of your options. Traditional wedding photography, in general, will give you more predictable results, and many people feel that this is a true advantage.

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