Capturing your wedding-day bliss in photos

Welcome — and congratulations!

The fact that you’re here probably means you’re planning a wedding, which is one of the most exciting times in a person’s life. We’re very happy for you! We’ve worked with many brides and grooms to truly capture the uniqueness and magic of their big day, and if you think a Convey Studios wedding photographer could do that for you as well, please don’t hesitate to call so we can meet in person. Wedding photography in Dallas is our specialty! In fact, click here to find out what your wedding photography style is!

Speaking of the brides and grooms we’ve had the pleasure of working with, allow us to brag and share some of their comments!

From Jenna Hicks: “Three years later, her photos are still displayed largely throughout my home, and as I pass by them, I reflect on how I felt during those moments on a daily basis. Our love couldn’t have been demonstrated any greater, and it’s a wonderful reminder to live lovingly every day. I do not look through my wedding photos and recollect one regret, one mistake or one little detail that wasn’t quite correct — but rather just PURE. HAPPINESS. Every single one. There’s just so much joy. She’s a true artist.

From Ashlee Barb: “Sesha truly reflected our personalities into every photo. Her eye for beauty and compositional style made each photograph a work of art.”

From Elsa Lee: “She was very accommodating of our budget, time and requests, and had some great ideas for us, too. She also has a great turnaround time for photos; they were ready for my review in less than two weeks after the wedding. If you’ve talked to other wedding photographers, you know that is RECORD TIME for editing and review!”

From Ann Wasman: “Sesha captured our personalities perfectly while shooting our wedding day. I could not have asked for a more perfect wedding photographer and person.”

We’re humbled by the praise and are proud of the reputation we’ve earned over the years. We love working with couples to capture memories that will last a lifetime — and that also includes videos of your wonderful day. We have an expert videographer on staff who can document every special moment, and we can also shoot creative scenes for your Save-the-Date announcement. So if you’re looking for a top-quality wedding photographer in Dallas, please consider us!

All The Details

From pricing to turnaround time, our artists have your answers!

Planning a wedding requires an enormous amount of time and attention to detail, so we’re going to provide as many answers for you here as possible. Let’s start with cost: Our photography packages start at $1,550 for one photographer or $2,150 for two photographers and a luxurious album.  Both include a DVD or flash drive of your images.  Photo/Video combo packages start at $3,398 and add a videographer, a 2-5 minute teaser video (to show off to friends), and a 12-18 minute highlight video. Optional add-ons include extra hours of coverage, extra photographers and extra photo shoots (including engagement, bridal, and boudoir pictures). We require 25% down to reserve the date, an additional 25% two months later, and the remainder two weeks before the wedding.

Interested in an album? We have several options available that are sure to please.

As for when you’ll get your images, they will be ready three weeks after the wedding. You can review them online through a password-protected site and then given a flash drive or DVD. Make as many prints as you want! You will find that our wedding photography in Dallas is the best around and that the process of working with us is simple and straightforward.

Click below to learn more about our Dallas-Fort Worth Wedding Photography styles:

Wedding Videography

Preserving every magical memory to replay

There are some moments in life that you’d like to preserve not just on film, but on video. Our expert videographer will capture the ultra-special details of your wedding so that you can replay them countless times and share them with loved ones who couldn’t be there. We can shoot in different styles, from classic to grainy to black-and-white. We’re happy to go over your many options!

We’ll not only record moments of The Big Day, but can also shoot video that can be used for your Save-the-Date announcement. Be as creative as you like! A cherished wedding photographer will work with you to come up with the right style that conveys exactly what you two are as a couple.

So if you’re searching for a fantastic wedding photographer or videographer in Dallas, call Convey Studios to set up a time to talk! We’re proud of the reputation we’ve earned when it comes to bridal photography. We look forward to meeting you!

Wedding Photojournalism

A wedding photographer to tell the complete story of your magical day

In the old days, wedding photos captured only the bride and groom — who were not even at the event at the time. (They generally would go to a studio to have the photo taken.) As technology evolved, a wedding photographer began showing up at weddings, but the pictures were very much staged or posed. This remained the case for decades.

While some couples still prefer the look and feel of traditional wedding photography, others are more interested in capturing the entire day, from start to finish, in photos that are not staged at all. This style, called wedding photojournalism, enables you to relive the day in a way that isn’t as possible with traditional photography.

But that’s not to knock tradition! There’s something to be said for certain photos (of the bridal party, for example) that can’t be captured in a candid setting. This is why many couples opt for a combination of both styles, ensuring that you get everything you want.

A wedding photojournalist will normally use natural light and the flash from a camera, rather than bringing in studio lighting. We will work quickly to ensure that we capture as many special moments as possible — and we’ll try to remain as unobtrusive as possible.

We’d love to meet you in person! This is the best way for us to find out what makes you tick, or what makes you both unique, so a Convey Studios wedding photographer can display that through your photos. So if you’re in need of a wedding photographer in Dallas/Fort Worth who will expertly capture the magic of your day, call us to get started!