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Hi there! Convey Studios is proud to work with several professional, lead photographers and videographers. We’re very excited to get to meet you!  Here are some fun details so you can get a head start and meet our photographers.


Sesha has been photographing weddings since 1998. She has so many favorite things from photographing weddings that she can’t pick just one: the bride’s mom helping her daughter get her wedding dress on, the first time a groom sees the bride and he tries to hold back tears. Or that moment when a bride takes a deep breath, and the doors are opened before her and her dad and they take that first step in the procession. When the vows are exchanged and the couple can hardly believe they’re really standing there.

Sesha currently lives in Euless, Texas (but her heart will always be in Springfield, Missouri!) with her husband and answered prayer, Nick. They currently have no kids, but they are super-excited to be parents some day.  Sesha loves Nick’s Christ-likeness, patience and leadership.  “I prayed for him for 15 years and while I had times of doubt that God was even hearing me, I’ll always be grateful that he heard those small and big requests that I had and chose to give me Nick.”

Several things compose Sesha’s bucket list, including “Traveling to Bhutan, paying for someone’s college education, and finally telling Matthew Perry from Friends what I was supposed to back in 1999. 🙂 Insert one of my most embarrassing moments in front of a celebrity.”

Sesha has several great memories from her wedding.  “Man oh man, what a fun day!  Being in the ER the morning of and giving decorating instructions, seeing my hubs for the first time and just being in awe of God’s kindness to bring us together, holding back tears and laughing through my vows, sharing a look with my BFFs during the ceremony, and my mom’s hugs throughout the day. Oh I can’t forget the great sparkler explosion of 2011!!”

Sesha’s advice for couples on their wedding day is to “take deep breaths and keep it simple. So many times I see couples get carried away with crazy big weddings, but so many of them don’t remember their day or the bride is on the verge of a breakdown before she gets her wedding dress on.”


Stephanie lives in Fort Worth, TX with her husband, Aaron, their dog, Cooper, and their cat, Rey. She loves how Aaron “always puts others first and wants to help other people.” Her favorite memory from her wedding was the dancing.

Going to new places and spending time with family and friends are her favorite things to do. “Two things on my bucket list are to travel to Europe and to take photos of a wedding on the beach!

Stephanie has been photographing weddings since 2016. “I love getting to be a part of all the special moments of weddings! From the first look to the last dance, I love capturing the beauty of it all. Natural, cheerful, and lifestyle are how she describes her wedding photography style.

Stephanie’s advice for couples on their wedding day is to “take a moment to just enjoy that after all the planning and preparing, you now are married to the one you love!”


Nathan lives with his wife Kristina in Dallas, TX. Their wedding was designed around the photography, so the light was perfect as they took their vows next to a lake in Aspen, CO.

Intimate, real, and journalistic are how he describes his wedding style. “I love documenting the emotions shared in loving smiles and knowing glances. I like working with, rather than interrupting, the rhythm of the day to capture real expressions. I am always on the lookout for the well-timed wisp of light that illuminates a perfect moment.”

Nathan is lucky enough to have his hobby be a career (photography), but he also enjoys listening to podcasts on history and humor and growing his own food. He hopes to one day travel to Tokyo, Japan and eat sushi at Sukiyabashi Jiroin.

Advice for the wedding day? Every once and a while take time to let things soak in with your partner. Hold hands.



Copeland lives in Denton, TX with his wife Lauren. His favorite quality about Lauren is that she “loves, listens to, follows and trusts the Lord.” They have three children together: Lila, Greyson, and Copeland.

Modern, traditional, and elegant is how Copeland describes his wedding photography style. He has been photographing weddings since 2001. This is what he had to say when asked about his favorite part of photographing weddings: “The party! The excitement! The fun!”

Mountain bike riding is one of Copeland’s favorite hobbies and one of the items on his bucket list is to one day go sky diving. His motto for life? “We are not in control…Let go and let God!”


Suad has been photographing weddings since 1998 and loves being a part of such an important journey from the beginning. She describes her photo style as candid, intimate, and artistic.

In Whitewright, TX, Suad lives with her husband Pete and her two step sons, André and Nate. She loves Pete’s heart for God and his sense of humor. Her favorite memory from her own wedding was taking communion with her new husband at the altar.

Traveling the world eating and taking photos is on Suad’s bucket list as something she’d love to do someday! She says, “photography is both my career and hobby.”

Her advice to couples on their wedding day? “Always remember your spouse is on your team and is your best friend.”


Turk lives in Dallas, TX with his wife, Jenny, and their two girls, Maggie and Willow. He loves how intuitive Jenny is. Turk and Jenny eloped, and one of his favorite memories from his wedding was driving to the hotel. “Jenny and I got married 30 days after we met so we laughed our way to our room.”

One of Turk’s hobbies is riding his bicycle, and he says that one item on his bucket list is “a dangerous expedition.” His motto in life? Choose light. Choose love.

Turk has been photographing weddings since 2001 and describes his style as honest, emotional, and engaging. His recommendation for brides and grooms is to “Listen with your heart.”


Chris has lived a nomadic life for many years, with his cameras he would seek out stories of culture, adventure, and lifestyles. A year ago he met a childhood friend and fell in love. It’s easy to say she was the one that could hang up his rugged boots from “the road.” Chris lives in Dallas now to set roots with his soulmate and eat some fantastic BBQ.

Weddings have always been a creative and passionate foundation for Chris. Being able to document a celebration of love for the true romantics has pushed him to tell couples unique stories. Chris`s photographs never look the same, and he strives to capture the emotion of the couples and families. 

His favorite moments are of parents helping the bride and groom getting ready, couples first holding each other after they share their vows, the grandparents tearing up seeing the next branch grow on the family tree. “These moments, the unpredictable the ones that happen in seconds. These are the ones I look for.”

When Christopher is not photographing weddings, he is spending time outdoors, freelancing for newspapers and spending the best times with his family.

Chris`s advice to couples on their wedding day; Enjoy the day to the fullest, laugh, smile, cry and let’s create some memories!


William lives in Plano, TX and enjoys playing acoustic guitar. His motto in live is “Love God & love others.” One item on his bucket list is to visit Alaska and go dog sled racing.

William has been photographing weddings since 2014 and describes his style as photojournalistic. His favorite thing about weddings?

“I love to see the connection between the bride and groom. Every couple has their own circle of love that is completely exclusive to them, whether they are quiet, flirty, goofy or sarcastic, it’s sweet to see two very different worlds come together to build a new one.”

Advice for couples on their wedding day: “In the midst of the business, don’t forget to have a good time; it is your big day after all.”


Eric photographed his first wedding in 2012 and describes his style as epic, timeless, high fashion. He enjoys the challenges that photographing weddings offers, and especially enjoys capturing photos of the bride & groom getting ready.

Eric married his wife, Sarah, in 2012. “I’m a huge fan of “Back to the Future” movies. So on my wedding day I entered in a Delorean [and] knock[ed] over a few garbage cans in the process. My driver was dressed as Doc Brown and waved to all my guest. It was pretty epic.” Eric and Sarah now have two boys (just like Doc Brown in Back to the Future 3!).

In his free time, Eric enjoys hanging out with family and friends. Skydiving was on his bucket list, but he did that a few years ago. Now, he’d love to visit England, Ireland, and Scotland with his wife (and no kids). 🙂
“My biggest advice to couples would be “To go with the flow.” Don’t stress and don’t expect your wedding to be perfect. I’ve photographed hundreds of weddings and I’ve yet to see one (that was 100% perfect). However, it always works out in the end…The day goes by quick so take it all in and enjoy every second.”


Stephen’s favorite part of photographing weddings is “Getting to see how each couple and family expresses love.” He has been photographing weddings since 2007 and describes his style as vintage, glamour, and fashion.

Fort Worth, TX is where Stephen resides with his wife Jeanene and their two-year-old son Christian. One of his favorite memories from his wedding was “The frog in the throat moment where my wife couldn’t talk during our vows because she was so choked up.”

Spending time with his wife and son is one of Stephen’s favorite things to do, and he also hopes to one day go on an African Safari. His motto is “Never stress over what you can’t control.”

Stephen has this piece of advice for couple’s on their wedding day: “Take it one breath at a time, at the end of the day you’ll be married to your best friend so don’t sweat the little things.”


Corey’s favorite thing about photographing weddings is the little moments. “Those moments that bring you right back to where you were, the ones you carry with you always. Those moments that raise your hair on your arms and remind you of the experience that was shared on that day.

Emotional, engaging, and energetic is how Corey describes his photographic style. He has been photographing weddings since 2015.

Corey lives in Greenville, TX with his beautiful wife, Jessica, and their two boys. His favorite moment from their wedding was “hands down, the moment I saw her. Captivating my heart forever.” Being a great father is one of the top things on Corey’s bucket list.

When asked for one of his favorite things to do, Corey said, “Guitar!!! I love music! It takes me to place where everything is happy! Being on stage and playing for people is like spending time with an old friend, easy, honest, and rewarding!”

Corey’s advice for couples on their wedding day? “Breathe deep and remember, the party doesn’t start until you show up!”

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