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Corey’s favorite thing about photographing weddings is the little moments. “Those moments that bring you right back to where you were, the ones you carry with you always. Those moments that raise your hair on your arms and remind you of the experience that was shared on that day.

Emotional, engaging, and energetic is how Corey describes his photographic style. He has been photographing weddings since 2015.

Corey lives in Greenville, TX with his beautiful wife, Jessica, and their two boys. His favorite moment from their wedding was “hands down, the moment I saw her. Captivating my heart forever.” Being a great father is one of the top things on Corey’s bucket list.

When asked for one of his favorite things to do, Corey said, “Guitar!!! I love music! It takes me to place where everything is happy! Being on stage and playing for people is like spending time with an old friend, easy, honest, and rewarding!”

Corey’s advice for couples on their wedding day? “Breathe deep and remember, the party doesn’t start until you show up!”


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