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What to Look for in Your Photographer Besides Their Portfolio

You’ve done your research. You’ve seen the portfolios. You’ve found any number of truly talented photographers – so how do you decide? Well, there are things to look at beyond just their portfolio! Do They Have a Good Reputation? The wedding industry is a massive industry, and as such, vendors tend to cross circles and […]

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Flattering Poses Part 5: Strawberry-Shaped Body Types

We almost can’t believe it – it is time for the last entry in our year-long Flattering Poses series! For our final focus, we are highlighting the strawberry-shaped body type. If you mimic this beautiful berry, it means you have a fuller upper body, arms and bust, and slimmer hips and legs. Today, we will […]

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Fun & Quirky Weddings: Rhianna & Toney Dempsey

If you know one thing about us here at Convey Studios, it’s that we love weddings with personality and couples that bubble forth with their own unique story and details. Today we are excited to feature Rhianna & Toney Dempsey’s spectacular, Poe-riffic, spellbinding, otherworldly October wedding! The scene for a truly gothic romance is set […]

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How to Handle Awkward Family Dynamics in your Wedding Photography

As much as we would all like for everything to be smooth sailing, there is no denying that a lot of family experience tension and some uncomfortable dynamics. When that threatens to spill over into your wedding day, though, that discomfort can shoot up into new territory. You don’t want your photographic memories to be […]

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Fun/Quirky Weddings – Anum & Edward Jou

Go ahead, name a more iconic duo than a wedding plus fun personality. Nothing beats it, right? Today we are taking a look at one of our recent fave ceremonies to shoot: Anum & Edward Jou. Their personality and inner beauty shine through, and you could tell they were having a blast celebrating their love. […]