Fun/Quirky Weddings – Anum & Edward Jou

August 20 2018 by convey

Go ahead, name a more iconic duo than a wedding plus fun personality. Nothing beats it, right? Today we are taking a look at one of our recent fave ceremonies to shoot: Anum & Edward Jou. Their personality and inner beauty shine through, and you could tell they were having a blast celebrating their love.

An event so grand, there were two full days of happiness to capture. Browse the blog for some inspiration and some heartwarming reaffirmations of a happily ever after!

How can you not fall in love in a setting so warm and bright?

A gorgeous smile, an incredible style, and colors that make the heart sing! We love when traditions are fun and are maximized in the name of love.

On a day of marriage, there is so much love for all the family.

Every memory, every shot here is alive with color and with heart.

And don’t worry – all that color and joy isn’t just for the bride! The groom is fully immersed!

Now for the obvious: How obviously in love with her is he? This is why we are in this business!

And can we talk about the beauty in the details? That lace! That henna! That ring! This closeup still takes our breath away.

Of course, this adorable little man completes the day.

A little bit traditional, a little bit light-hearted – all joy!

There’s no holding back all the fun! This was a wedding party that knew how to get down – and they came to PARTY.

Forget that tired rice! These blowing bubbles send the bride and groom off in fantastical – and environmentally-friendly – style.

When you have downtime – have some fun!

There is simply not a single photo to be found where these two are not smiling with overflowing joy. The happiness is palpable and the wedding exquisite.

This wedding was a blast and a joy. How are you making your wedding day special and memorable?


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