Fun & Quirky Weddings: Rhianna & Toney Dempsey

October 29 2018 by convey

If you know one thing about us here at Convey Studios, it’s that we love weddings with personality and couples that bubble forth with their own unique story and details. Today we are excited to feature Rhianna & Toney Dempsey’s spectacular, Poe-riffic, spellbinding, otherworldly October wedding!

The scene for a truly gothic romance is set with plenty of mystical elegance.

It’s the happiest kind of spooky season when this haunted house inspired décor paves the way for true love.

Flowers of romance can be found blooming wherever true love stands – here, in visions of rich, royal purple.

We just love the chance to snap some candid shots as the bride prepares for her big day – just look at this ethereal beauty!

You can’t beat the timeless romance of a lover’s hand tapping you on the shoulder.

This is why we adore First Look shoots – there’s an undeniable magic to their romance.

The majesty of an autumnal background is the perfect setting for this love story.

American Gothic, reimagined, and if we do say so, even improved upon!

Rich red candles add a touch of elegance – and a mood for love set by candlelight.

We beat you haven’t seen a groom’s entrance like this before! As the music begins, the husband-to-be rises up from his coffin, brought to life by true love.

That smile is worth all the words in the world.

The heroines of gothic romance WISH they had a veil like that!

A frothing cauldron sets the mystical atmosphere and creates a feeling of otherworldly love.

As rings and vows are exchanged, a crystal ball lights up in an ethereal glow.

Truly a royal affair – this see of violet has us seeing nothing but love.

We adore this fun-loving crowd! It’s all smiles all the time when a wedding is this original!

The only word we have for this? Stunning. Simply stunning. And the perfect, magical way to cap off the most wonderfully mystifying wedding we’ve had the pleasure to capture.


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