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Our Five Favorite Dallas Wedding Venues

If you are blessed to be getting married in Texas – specifically near Dallas, that is – then you may be overwhelmed with the significant number of gorgeous ceremony locations! To be honest, that is precisely the type of problem we love and, to make things a little easier, we’ve rounded up our five favorite […]

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Our Favorite Dallas Wedding Venues – Paradise Cove

What is one of our favorite things about Texas? The beautiful wedding venues, of course! For our feature this month, the name says it all: Paradise Cove is a literal wedding paradise. What makes it so special? Take a stroll by the water and see! We adore the magical framing of this gazebo by the […]

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Our Favorite Dallas Wedding Venues: The Laurel

The perfect Texas wedding has a heart as big as the Texas sky – and needs an absolutely gorgeous venue to match. That’s why we adore The Laurel, located just north of Dallas and permanently in our hearts and dreams. It exudes warmth and romance – and that is no accident: the entire Laurel team […]

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Pros and Cons – Outdoor Vs Indoor Wedding Ceremony

The great outdoors or an indoor dream? There’s no wrong setting for your wedding, but the decision to have a ceremony outside or inside can be a tough choice! As with anything, there are pros and cons to each, so take a look and see which points matter most to you. Outdoor Pros The setting […]

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Our Favorite Dallas Wedding Venues – Winding Brooks

Texas is undoubtedly blessed when it comes to charm, gorgeous scenery and a plethora of options in outdoor venues for every taste. When it comes down to the details, however, there is one site that will always get out vote: Winding Brooks in Ellis County, just south of Dallas. As the name suggests, this babbling […]