The Tech Savvy Bride – How to Plan and Find Vendors Online

February 4 2019 by convey

Welcome to 2019 – if you’re not planning the majority of your life online, you’re not only missing out on your best options, you’re also a pretty rare species. And when it comes to wedding planning, if you want to be sure you’re getting and researching the best vendors, the only way to go is with tech. Times have changed since the 20th century, and it’s up to us to make sure we’re keeping up.

How Tech Has Changed the Wedding Industry

Fifty years ago, sure, buying what bridal magazines you could find and talking to whatever few married friends you had could cut it when it came to planning a wedding. But not anymore. Those old ways were tedious, monotonous and didn’t give you any guarantee of really exploring all your options or of doing true comparison shopping.

Just as you might use an app to find the best prices on a pair of boots online or to compare reviews of local restaurants, you can do that too with websites and apps designed specifically for the wedding industry.

Just like you are skipping the mall more and more, you can save time and energy in this arena, too, with an online wedding planner. By researching wedding themes, dress styles, vendor reviews, venue costs, etc., the internet and apps have become the go-to wedding planner of the modern era. There are even actual apps that act as virtual wedding planners, meaning your bridal duties are a hundred times more streamlined thanks to today’s tech.

First Steps

When you get down to planning a wedding, it is ideal to break it down into categories and steps. Making a wedding checklist is pretty essential, and it is even easier if you have a separate checklist for it.

  • Honeymoon Location: The joys of booking flights and accommodations means it’s always better to book in advance! Figure out just where you want to go and a general idea of when, and hop online to make your reservations, so you aren’t left scrambling after the wedding.
  • Dresses and Tuxedos: Not only can you research and pin your perfect styles online, but you can easily comparison shop for the best prices.
  • Rings: Technology has opened up an endless world of ring possibilities, with entire websites even being devoted to designing your own ring. Is sustainability important to you? There are special sites for that. Do you want to filter down styles? You can see and narrow down huge chunks with a single click.
  • Venue: Yup, you guessed it – just like your honeymoon booking, there’s an app for that! When it comes to booking your dream location, it pays to book well in advance to make sure you get the best pricing (as it gets closer to booking time, venue pricing tends to surge) as well as the dates you want. In fact, this is where using an online portal is especially helpful, as it will show you blocked out dates and an accurate availability right on the page.

Tech for Good

At the end of it all, technology is here to make things easier for us. Check out a few top-rated wedding apps and play around with online wedding planning. Research your vendors on Google, Yelp and more (and even feel free to check out Convey Studios’ own reviews here!) as you plan out your perfect wedding.


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