Fun and Quirky Weddings – Natalie & Brett Larsen

February 7 2018 by convey

Let’s face it: no two couples are alike, and so no two weddings should be either! Weddings don’t have to be all seriousness and scheduled stress: you’re happy and your day should reflect that.

We love a fun and quirky wedding highlighting an equally fun and quirky couple, and that’s one of the reasons why we are thrilled to feature Natalie and Brett Larsen’s wedding.

This couple of soulmates tied the knot in October 2017 with an event as upbeat and unique as they are. Starting with a bubbly engagement photo session, this couple let their fun side take center stage.

When a first date that was only supposed to be coffee expanded immediately into lunch, this couple just knew their connection was something special. We love their incorporation of color and quirky props in their shoot – and just look at those big, natural smiles!
The bottom line: don’t be afraid to get creative and remember that the most important part of any shoot is to show your authentic happiness and love.


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Photography: Convey Studios


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