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September 24 2018 by convey

When it comes to your wedding dress – and the gowns of your bridesmaids – you know every detail counts but how often do you think of this seemingly mundane detail? That’s right. We’re taking it down to the hanger level. To protect the integrity of your clothing – keep that structure, minimize the pilling, etc. Check out some of your best bets below.

Wooden Personalized Hangers

First things first: These smooth, wooden hangers will perfectly protect your dress shoulders. And now onto the adorable second: the personalization! You can have them monogrammed or your full name in a cute script – just think how classy your detail photos of your wedding dress hanging up will look when hanging on one of these customized cuties!

Uber Personal

Next level personalization here, folks! Your name is literally entwined, part of this hanger! Throw in a cute little bow detail, and you’ve got wedding magic that goes even a step beyond being Insta worthy. A keepsake for all time – your wedding dress can hang in style, and then so can the rest of your clothes!

Gorgeous Gold Leaf

Who couldn’t use a little gold and glamor in their lives? Getting all made up the day of your wedding will be made all the more fun and fanciful when your name – perhaps your soon-to-be Mrs. name? – is staring back at you in this glittering gold hanger from just above your gown!

Gilded Fantasy

A hanger worthy of any princess, this vessel for your wedding dress rivals any Disney dream! It’s a whole new world once upon a dream, and your own Cinderella dream gown will genuinely be the fairest of them all when it hangs upon this.

Pretty in Pink

Hangers of vinyl to keep your dress in tip-top shape accentuated by pink personalization will surely set your wedding dress pics apart from the rest. You can even further customize each hanger by adding the assignment on the side: bride, maid of honor, bridesmaid, etc.

For a day that truly stands out, make sure your dress and your time to get ready is picture perfect at every detail.


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