Las Colinas & Star-Telegram Bridal Show Winners!!!

January 11 2017 by convey

Wowza, we were at two different bridal shows on Sunday and we had such a great time meeting so many amazing couples!

So here it is; the announcement you’ve been waiting for!  At the Las Colinas & Fort Worth Star-Telegram Bridal Shows last Sunday, we had entry forms to win a free engagement session!  And so, with no further ado…

The winner of the free engagement session from Convey Studios is…

Las Colinas Bridal Show – Abbey Soto!!!

Fort Worth Star-Telegram Bridal Show – Meagan Erwin!!!

Abbey & Meagan now have until 5pm on Sunday (1/15/2017) to contact us by phone (214-934-7305) or e-mail ([email protected]) to claim their prize!


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