New Wedding Ideas You’ll See in 2019

January 21 2019 by convey

New Wedding Ideas You’ll See in 2019

Each year brings with it new trends, new ideas and new tastes to the wedding industry. After all, just because true love has stayed so constant all these years, doesn’t mean style has!

As we head straight into the 2019 wedding season and are looking for wedding ceremony ideas, here are a few trends industry professionals say you should expect to see.

Sundays Are for the Couples

What was traditionally a mainstay of Saturdays (and Friday afternoons), the Sunday ceremony is on the rise. Since wedding ceremonies themselves are becoming more event-heavy, many turn into weekend-long parties with welcome dinners and festivities on Saturdays and the big day itself is postponed until that Sunday.

All That Glitters Is a Little Rustic and Charming

The rustic wedding is a trend that has been on the rise for some time, but you can really expect to see it take flight in 2019. While surely brides will always love a little shine, more muted and classic, warm palettes and themes will win the year. 2019 is going to love weddings that are a little bit country and a whole lot of heart.

Clever Favors

No one is content any longer with the basic bag of Jordan almonds – we’re always looking for new and unusual wedding favor ideas! And that trend is looking to level up in 2019 to include favors that are evocative of important locations – be it the wedding ceremony itself, somewhere the couple first met or even honoring both of the couple’s hometowns.
New Wedding Ideas You’ll See in 2019

Texture Is the New Pink

Wedding décor trends go beyond the colors – the very fabrics, and fabric types themselves mean a lot. Instead of simple silks or basic linens, expect to see high-quality fabrics, texture on tablecloths and even embellishments such as fringe and ribbons.

Incorporating Mother Nature

You’ll surely still see the traditional flower centerpieces, but keep an eye out for more and more brides to opt for greenery and potted plants over blooms and bouquets. This ties in well with the rustic trend that is skyrocketing, too, and living, potted greenery makes excellent take-home gifts for the guests! In fact, many experts have their money on herbs in adorable vessels being the greenery champ.

New Wedding Ideas You’ll See in 2019


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