Our Favorite Dallas Wedding Venues – Paradise Cove

September 3 2018 by convey

What is one of our favorite things about Texas? The beautiful wedding venues, of course! For our feature this month, the name says it all: Paradise Cove is a literal wedding paradise. What makes it so special? Take a stroll by the water and see!

Our Favorite Dallas Wedding Venues – Paradise CoveWe adore the magical framing of this gazebo by the water. Can’t you just picture getting married lakeside? There’s something so Jane Austen-style perfect about this mood and this moment.

From the perfect, petal-strewn walkway to the flower and tree-lined accents, Paradise Cove offers up a magical retreat here. With a setting worthy of a cinematic, swooping shot, any couple lucky enough to tie the knot here is assured a lasting love.

Swoon! We’re in love with the utter romance of this pink sunset also turning the water a beautiful blush. Is this real life or is this wedding fantasy?

And you do not have to live in fear of the elements! With this gorgeous gazebo, you can have your outdoor cake – and some shade, too! We just adore the charming stone, the magnificent views, and the ability to personalize the pavilion, however, your hearts desire: tulle, flowers, streamers, you name it!

Sunrise or sunset, the Paradise Cove walkways by the water are perfect for any intimate ceremony. Even when you have a lot of guests in the open spaces, you can snag a few private moments where they matter.

The views looking out from the covered gazebo are just as magical as looking in! With a fairy tale arch and picture-perfect trees, your wedding pictures and memory will be ripped from a fairytale.

Just looking at this majestic sunset gives us chills in the best way possible. A waterfront garden, a clear sky, romance in the air – who would not want their wedding looking like something out of a dream?

Not fancying an outdoor affair? Never fear because their indoor spaces are just as gorgeous! When it comes time for the reception, your guests can relax in climate-controlled comfort while still looking out on the picturesque setting.

Would you want to have your wedding at magical Paradise Cove?


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