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November 19 2018 by convey

After all the festivities, all the food, all the toasts, and the cheers, the members of your closest circle – your wedding party – will be left with one final, tangible, lasting memory of your big day and their involvement: their gift, of course! Check out some of these delightful presents we adore and hope you will, too.

Wedding Party Survival Flask

If you have a crew with a sense of humor, this offbeat little number will surely make them smile. Poke some fun at the overall rigors of wedding planning while also giving them something they’ll use with this customized wedding party flask.

Personalized Travel Mug

Keep your friends and family hydrated and caffeinated with an adorably personalized travel mug – there is even a place to add their official wedding party title to be immortalized for them every time they take a sip.

Groomsman Hammer

Don’t forget the guys, too! Honor the groom’s party’s involvement with something personal – and handy – with the monogrammed travel hammer. Cute but also manly, so you know they’ll be a hit!

Keep Your Crew Cute

Adorable, personalized robes are an excellent bridal party gift that works two-fold: first, your party will look superbly synchronized for any getting ready pictures, and secondly, this is a gift they can use on their own after the wedding’s over.


When the groomsmen are pure class, give them a gift that can be used uniformly on the wedding day and separately for any formal event after. Cufflinks bearing their initials are a timeless – for a reason! – choice.

Beauty Boxes

Make your gift super personal, fun and memorable by giving your bridesmaids each a customized beauty box. Who doesn’t love getting a present of pampering? And what more perfect way for them to unwind after the hustle and bustle?


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