Our Favorite Dallas Wedding Venues: The Laurel

July 9 2018 by convey

The perfect Texas wedding has a heart as big as the Texas sky – and needs an absolutely gorgeous venue to match. That’s why we adore The Laurel, located just north of Dallas and permanently in our hearts and dreams.

It exudes warmth and romance – and that is no accident: the entire Laurel team has a curated, professional service industry background and a real passion for creating extraordinary memories. Take for instance their Great Hall – a name that in and of itself stirs up thoughts of castles and royalty regalia bit delivers that same vibe with a warm, Hill Country resort twist.

The Chapel onsite is the epitome of classic heart and soul for any romantically inclined bride. With seating that can accommodate wedding parties both large and small and a fairy tale view overlooking fields of evergreens, you may have to pinch yourself when getting married here to make sure it is not a dream.

If you’re more inclined to an outdoor ceremony, their 10,000 square feet of rolling green space looks like it was picked straight out of a painting and dropped here for your special day. From crisp sunrise to a romantic sunset, true love can’t help but blossom under the Texas stars and among The Laurel’s evergreens.

And when it comes to accommodating both wedding party and guests, The Laurel’s true downhome hospitality really shines thanks to two onsite suites: one for the bride and her party to prepare and one where guests can relax, watch TV and beat the heat.

When it comes to romance, nothing about your wedding should feel stifled or inauthentic – and The Laurel is the perfect place for your wedding memories to flourish.


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