Our Favorite Dallas Wedding Venues – Winding Brooks

May 14 2018 by convey

Texas is undoubtedly blessed when it comes to charm, gorgeous scenery and a plethora of options in outdoor venues for every taste. When it comes down to the details, however, there is one site that will always get out vote: Winding Brooks in Ellis County, just south of Dallas.

As the name suggests, this babbling beauty boasts eight separate water features, enormous ponds, gorgeous wildflowers and a tropical park-like setting of trees, plants and more. As you wander the fertile grounds, you’ll find everything a bride could want: gazebos galore, awesome arbors and a 5,000 square-foot banquet hall to host all your guests and let you beat the heat and the elements in style.

Our Favorite Dallas Wedding Venues – Winding Brooks

Winding Brooks is perfect for weddings, as well, as they focus on only one event each day so that it is truly your day. They offer a wide variety of natural beauties for your event and your memorable photos: gardens, shady trees, waterfalls and even a large fountain! They even offer the ability to take bridal or engagement photos in their garden prior to your big day for no charge.

If you’re a bride with a heart as big as the Texas outdoors, with a penchant for an outdoor extravaganza and with a desire for a truly memorable day, you can’t go wrong with Winding Brooks.

Our Favorite Dallas Wedding Venues – Winding Brooks


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