How to Make a Big Wedding Feel More Intimate

July 16 2018 by convey

The guest lists are finalized, the wedding invites are ordered, the seating chart is ready, and the final verdict is in: you’ve got a big wedding! Big weddings are a joy because you can share your special day with every special person and the party atmosphere really gets rocking. One common misconception, though, around larger weddings is that they lose the personalization factor and we’re here to tell you that doesn’t have to be so! In fact, there are several ways you can make your wedding day and your big party feel pretty darn intimate.

Break Up the Space

Sure, you’ve booked a large venue, but that doesn’t mean it has to feel like one giant, sprawling space. Break it all up into smaller sections using furniture, and decorations to make it feel cozier, smaller and elevate the intimate feel.

Clever Seating

When it comes to the actual ceremony, rather than having straight rows of seating that stretch on forever, inevitably having the way back rows feel disconnected and far off. Consider arranging your seats in a round or a semi-circular plan so that you can fit more people in around the altar and to create longer rows rather than a sprawling stadium feel.

Plan Activities

With a large wedding party, it is unlikely you’ll be able to see every single guest face to face on your wedding day so making sure to make the rounds at a rehearsal dinner, at a wedding weekend brunch or a welcome party will give you a chance to greet everyone and make them feel included.

Food? Make It Buffet Style!

Choosing family-style meals over individual orders automatically encourages people to get up and mingle and not feel confined to their table in a sea of other island tables. Your guests will feel more at ease getting to choose their food, and a buffet station can get the conversations flowing.


There’s nothing like thoughtful favors to make your guests feel included and remembered. Personalized goodies (shot glasses, candies, candles – the options are endless) are a great way to make sure guests feel tied to your special day – no matter how many there are.


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