It’s All About the…Cake!

Mmm mmm! Every sweetest day is topped off by the sweetest thing: Your wedding cake! Through the wedding cake, both the bride’s and groom’s personalities can shine and converge. Whether you have buttercream dreams or opt for fuss-less frosting, you know for a fact the cake is where all eyes will go come reception time. It is a work of art, a centerpiece, and it sure is tasty!
cake roundup
Check out this classic and romantic centerpiece of a cake! With icing that looks like heavenly chiffon and soft, real flowers, this is an absolute dream.
cake roundup 2
You can’t resist a tasteful gold accent. And those edible flowers look almost too good to eat – almost! This decadent delight tops off a classy affair.
cake roundup 3
Cakes don’t have to be so traditional. They can allow you to showcase your personality in big ways, like this jet-setting dessert for a traveling duo.
cake roundup 4
Cakes can be bold, beautiful, and true works of art. This painted-on peacock fits the colorful personality of the happy couple and is a real showstopper!
cake roundup 5
Bright pops of color mixed with artistic brushstrokes make for an unconventional beauty of a cake. This all but screams happiness and warmth.
cake roundup 6
An elegant take on a love that sparkles, this cake is a dream for combining a classy gold base with soft, romantic flowers.

There is a wealth of options anymore for choosing a wedding cake as unique as you like! Your wedding is an expression of you and your partner, through and through, so why not really have fun with expressing yourselves through pastry? With details that shine (and flavors that go the extra mile) it really is all about the cake!