Wedding Favors We Love, and You Will Too!

April 6 2018 by convey

Wedding Favors We Love, and You Will Too
What is a wedding without a memorable send-off for your beloved guests? There is a wide world of options out there with some truly creative and out-of-the-box ideas. Whether your wedding is made in the shade or a classy affair, there is a unique and smile-inducing favor to meet – exceed! – your dreams.

Personalized Wedding Candies

Personalized Wedding Life Saver Candies
Is your wedding just the sweetest? Does your ceremony have a lovely candy-coating? These custom Life Saver candies are an adorable addition to your big day. Keep your guests feeling minty fresh and have your wedding personalized down to the smallest detail.

Personalized Mini Sunscreen

Personalized Sunscreen with Carabiner
Is your wedding a destination event or an outdoor affair? Not only are these travel-sized sunscreens absolutely adorable, but they will show your guests you’re prepared and you care. They can lather up and enjoy all the fun in the sun festivities.

Snazzy Succulents

Live Succulent Favors
Favors as alive and thriving as your love! We just can’t get over how adorable these succulents are – a living reminder of your special day that is sure to brighten up every home. The best part, too, of succulents, is that they are easy keepers, so they are a win all over!

Mini Honey Jars

Mini Honey Jars
Cute, sweet, and “meant to bee” – just like your love! Even after the day is over, your guests can keep on spreadin’ the love. Not only will your guests go home happy, but these mini honey jars make cute table toppers that will look great in your photos. If you ask us, this favor is the bees’ knees!

Gold Feather Frames

Gold Feather Frame
Golden memories for years to come! Give your guests the gift of gilded memories with this finely feathered frame. Your day is number one and so are your guests! The perfect way to frame your precious memories.

We know your big day is special and you want it to be magical – every last detail, that is. With these amazing and one of a kind favors, the magic is all but ensured.


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