What to Look for in Your Photographer Besides Their Portfolio

May 6 2018 by convey

Picking a wedding photographer can seem overwhelming – trust us, we know! We want to take the stress out of that choice for you and list out some of the key things you should look into, beyond the portfolio.


Just what does that mean? Basically, the flat truth is that sometimes things can happen and photographers can have emergencies come up that leave them unable to photograph your special day. While that is not the typical way things will go, it’s always a possibility, and so, rather than just be out a photographer, you want someone there!

That’s where signing with a studio rather than an individual really protects you. You will still be able to request to work with your favorite wedding photographer, and they will be assigned to your wedding, but, in the event of unforeseen circumstances, the studio will make sure there is an alternate photographer on your day who is equally talented, has the right equipment, knows the specifics of your day, and who is backed up by the studio.

At the end of the day, if the worst does happen, you’ll want a studio with a fleet of talent to have you back, rather than a wing and a prayer.

Bride and Groom

Reputation & Relationships

The wedding industry is a true powerhouse, and, in working within that machine for some time, a wedding photographer will garner both a reputation and relationships. Check out online ratings and reviews to see how your chose studio clicks with other couples, and, just as importantly, how they seem to have relationships with other vendors. Knowing other people in the business, whether it be venue owners (for the insider tips on setting up and having things run smoothly) or local bakers, having vendors who are aware of each other and have good relationships goes a long way.

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Backups Cont. – Equipment

Technology certainly makes our lives easier, but who hasn’t, at some point, run into an inexplicable computer crash or a brand-new phone that suddenly freezes? Now imagine that happening to your photographer’s best camera on the day of your wedding.

Terrifying, right? If you go with a studio, you can rest assured that if equipment ever fails, there are replacements at the ready. No matter what could go wrong, there is always a studio and a fleet at the ready to save the day.

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You should first connect with a portfolio, fall in love with an aesthetic, and click with a style. But, before you sign, make sure you consider all the less obvious things that could make or break your big day.


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