Marriage Health Benefits

May 29 2015 by convey

marriage taking placeIf you have already decided to pop the question, you probably don’t need any more reasons to do so; you’ve got the love of your life right in front of you. But did you know that some experts have associated marriage with certain health benefits? If you’d like to know more, we discuss a few of them here.

Long Life:

According to this study, people who get married tend to have a higher chance of living longer. The study took data from 4,802 people to find that unmarried people ended up more predisposed to a premature death.


Multiple studies have found that married people have a higher survival rate when it comes to battling cancer. They theorize that having direct and constant support from a loved one has a hand in this.

Higher Sex Drive:

Contrary to popular opinion, married people tend to have more sex than their single counterparts, according to this article. On top of that, they get to do it with someone that they truly love.


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