Part 2: Flattering Poses for the Peanut-Shaped Body

May 28 2018 by convey

Every bride is gorgeous, and every bride deserves to feel as beautiful as she truly is on her big day. Continuing our series on flattering poses, we’re looking at poses for peanut-shaped princesses (Aka the “hourglass” shape). This body type means you are already blessed with some amazing curves, so these poses should help you play up those proportions!

Play to Your Strengths

One of the best things about the peanut proportion is that you have a naturally defined waist! Use that to your advantage by posing with your arms bent and your hand at your waist or the topmost part of your hip.


Further playing on your natural build, you can accentuate your narrower waist by elongating the hourglass illusion even further but keeping your arms up and your shoulders out.

Sit Straight

You can’t be expected to be on your feet all day! And when you sit down, you actually can further accentuate a peanut shape by keeping your back straight and bot bunching your arms and shoulders inward.

Face the Camera Head-On

You’ve got great curves so let the camera see them! Turning to the side or angling yourself can obscure your natural shape, but shots taken squarely in front will showcase your amazing proportions.

Don’t Hide Your Assets

Be conscious of your bouquet and other photo props. Keep them smaller in size or consciously hold them a bit low so they are not obscuring your midsection and camouflaging your curves.

We know you will be a beautiful bride! Use these tips to help make sure your photos are exactly how you want to remember yourself on your big day.

So that’s it for Part 2. More posts are yet to come so stay tuned:

We’ll update THIS POST with the other parts as we post them too.


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