Pros and Cons – Big vs. Small Weddings

February 26 2018 by convey

There are two schools of thought as old as time when it comes to wedding size: go big or go home versus keep it small and intimate. While the many reasons for each can be overwhelming, the bright side is that neither is wrong! To help lay it all out, we’ve pulled together some pros and cons for each:
Pros & Cons – Big vs Small Weddings

Big Weddings


  • No hurt feelings: you don’t have to spend as much time whittling down that guest list, and you can theoretically keep everyone happy with an invite
  • More gifts: Realistically, it really is expensive starting a whole new life together, so the more gift cards and necessary appliances you can have come your way, the better off you’ll be.


  • More expensive: All those extra people correlate to more food, alcohol, square footage, etc. needed, which can ramp up that bottom line
  • There’s gonna be more detailed planning: Be prepared to suddenly need to be aware of everyone’s food allergies, family drama, etc. as your designing your big day.

Small Weddings Pros and Cons

Small Weddings


  • More extensive choice of venues: with a smaller crowd size, you have fewer space restrictions to worry about and therefore more options.
  • More time spent with each guest: No matter the size of the party, you’re only going to have a limited amount of time. With a smaller group, you’ll get more quality time with each important person.


  • The potential for some upset friends and family: There are surely going to be a lot of people that understand, but you can almost count on at least one would-be guest being hurt at not receiving an invite.
  • Making those cuts: Even if you know for sure you only want a few people at your big day, actually sitting down and making the ranks and cuts isn’t the most fun feeling.

At the end of the day, there’s no such thing as one being better than the other. Listen to what you really want and make sure you and your partner are satisfied first and foremost. Size doesn’t matter, but your happiness does!


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