5 Top Things to Consider for an Autumn Wedding

March 8 2018 by convey

5 Top Things to Consider for an Autumn Wedding
Autumn weddings are breathtaking. They have a magical feel to them, they are blessed with rich fall colors, and they make the romance truly cozy. Brisker temperatures, crisper air, and the promise of many nights curled up by the fireside really sell anyone on this season. But, while an autumn wedding is pretty much to die for, there are certain things to keep in mind when planning your fall day.

The Temps

It may be the obvious one, but keep in mind that Autumn temperatures can fluctuate wildly! Average temperatures take into account all the wild highs and surprising lows and have back up plans. We suggest recommending your guests wear layers, and, if you are planning an outdoor wedding, remind them to bring a heavier coat than they might think they need, just in case your day gets unexpectedly caught in a cold snap.

Invest in a light shawl or bolero for yourself as the bride as well – we don’t want any cold shoulders or cold feet!

Date Conflicts and Time Slips

Autumn is definitely the springboard for the holiday season! While we all know to keep in mind the big fall holidays (Thanksgiving Halloween, etc.) but keep in mind the lesser thought of days as well (Labor Day, Black Friday, etc.) as they may affect travel times and also days off.

Remember, too, that Daylight Savings Time comes to an end, so that will affect your daily timing for photographs and amount of light!

What’s in Season for an Autumn Wedding?

From flowers to food, the Autumn season has its own seasonal highlights if you’re looking to embrace the theme fully.

Sunflowers, garden roses, and dahlias are gorgeous in-season blooms that will bring a warmth of color to your bouquets and settings.

For the eats, consider a seasonal menu that leans more towards comfort foods and fall flavors such as butternut squash, maple, pumpkin, mashed potatoes, and more. Feel free to really lean into the season with a hot cocoa station, gourd centerpieces, or some mulled wine!


Since Autumn is such a picturesque and temperate season, it is, naturally, in pretty high demand. In fact, September and October are often cited as two of the top four months for getting married. Because of this, venues are booked up relatively far in advance, so we recommend reserving your location as quickly as you can so you don’t miss out!

The Colors

Be inspired by your season of choice! Autumn is the perfect time to lean into those rich, warm hues. Embrace golds and reds, and allow your palette to reflect the coziness of the seasonal setting.

The bottom line is that Autumn weddings are gorgeous. You have a lot of freedom to craft a truly picturesque day and, if you keep the above in mind, you are sure to have a fabulous fall festivity.


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