Top Things to Consider for a Winter Wedding

June 18 2018 by convey

There’s something undeniably gorgeous and romantic about an icy cool backdrop for red-hot love. But before your winter wedding approaches, there are a few things you should keep in mind as you plan for your frozen fantasy:

You’ll want to prep for a worst-case scenario. Winter months bring, well, surprise ice and snow storms and can upend even the most well-thought-out plans. Be it travel delays, road closures, vendor issues or whiteouts; you’ll want a backup plan for things such as a DJ or a caterer or even a venue.

Fully embrace your chosen season! You picked a winter month for a reason, so work that into your wedding! Glistening ice and snowflake details can truly make you a frozen princess.

Don’t be surprised by some “no’s” – not everyone is a fan of cold weather travel or may already have exhausted their vacation and finances with the holidays.

You’ll probably save some money! Since it’s technically an off-season for weddings, vendors and venues will most likely charge you a lower rate.

At the other end of that spectrum, expect some limitations. Many flowers will not be in season, and your menus will most likely be geared towards heartier fare.

Make sure your bridal party is kept warm – be it well-heated venues or enough coverage in their wardrobe, you may want to skip the strapless wedding dresses.

While not as conventional a choice of seasons, a winter wedding is nothing short of splendid and magical. With some smart planning, your snowy day will be smooth skating.


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