It’s All About the…Flowers!

June 25 2018 by convey

Brides and blooms and bouquets – it’s a natural match. Who doesn’t love some fancy wedding flowers? Today we’re taking a gander at some of our favorite flora!

Red roses are a classic stunner for a reason!

Bold splashes of color make for a tropical dream!

Perfect pastels. Flowers can add continuity to a masterful monochromatic theme.

Don’t forget – flowers are for more than just the bridal bouquet! They belong throughout a wedding party for a gorgeous reason.

A touch of succulents creates a truly hip and on-trend mini garden.

Plenty of pinks make for wonderfully romantic centerpieces!

Or forgo the traditional bouquet for a statement flower that really pops!

Flowers, flowers everywhere. Keep the theme going with floral crowns throughout the bridal party!

Bright and happy bouquets can’t help but make every last guest smile!

Don’t forget that flowers can be more than a prop – they can be your whole, beautiful setting!

Every wedding is a garden of love – don’t forget to focus on and appreciate the flowers that highlight that feeling!


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